Led bulbs lighting installation considerations

by:Sehon     2020-11-10

outdoor lighting designer must consider the work environment of outdoor LED lamps and lanterns: due to the working environment is more complex, the temperature, ultraviolet radiation, humidity, rain rain, dust, chemical gas and other natural conditions, the influence of the outdoor lighting environment factors should be considered when designing the impact on the LED lighting lamps and lanterns.

outdoor LED chips encapsulation technology: the current domestic production of LED lamps and lanterns, Mainly lamps) Are using more than 1 w leds in series, in parallel to assemble, this method is called encapsulation technology. Using 30 w, 50 w and even larger modules assembled, to achieve the required power, these LED encapsulation materials useful epoxy resin encapsulation. Is the difference between the two: epoxy resin encapsulation heat resistance is poorer, time is long aging. Silica gel encapsulation, good heat resistance, when using, should pay attention to choose.

in today's content, we mainly led lights as the theme to a concrete analysis of the land, for the led the lamps and lanterns, believe that the majority of users friends and familiar with, but it is not very clear this kind of what kind of lamps and lanterns, so today we are in the first part of the article analyzes what types led lights, we mentioned the three common types for you, and we also analyzed the led in lighting installation considerations, you can consult the installation.

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