LED bulbs little secrets

by:Sehon     2020-09-30

the kinds of Led lights

1, according to the classification of power

small power ( Mainly for the 5 mm LED) And high power ( Mainly for 1 w, 3 w) , small power LED lamps and lanterns, the ball bubble lamp for the earliest planning and produce LED filament bulb, is now large-scale use, but the quality of fire. And high power LED to shoot the light, the ball bubble lamp for 2 - recently Three years before large-scale use and promotion, as a whole than many small power LED filament bulb stable; With falling prices in the high power LED, high power LED bulbs will become mainstream.

2, according to the light bulb shape classification

in accordance with the LED lamps and lanterns of the shape of the light bulb, LED lamp bulb generally fall into three categories, spherical bulb and bulb, lamp cup light bulb.

spherical bulb: one side, the lower plastic shell or aluminum shell ( Some spherical arc small, looks like an inverted trapezoidal) ; The top ring + light, commonly known as the corn, because the appearance of yellow spot structure named would like corn; Trigeminal modelling, also be corn bubble of luminous, but more scientific than corn bubble structure, so the more popular now.

pointed bulb: single light-emitting ( As spherical, it is pointed + lens) ; Chromium plating on three sides, this is very advanced, luminous efficiency also is pretty good, but not at the top of the markers; Candle type, add a tail is pointed bubble, with pointed bubble is the same.

lights cup, bulb limit a lot, so has been approached by screening. Common repair method

1. LED light is not on

confirm circuit: new lights should use pencil to measure, check for voltage in the circuit. Drive: the light is not bright, nine times out of ten is the drive problem. If you turn on the light back bead is not bright, should buy a new device to replace. Light-emitting diodes (leds) to the requirement of current, voltage is higher, so the demand drives the constant current drive and rectifier, keep using step-down transformer and other equipment.

2。 LED lamp brightness dark

the problem is probably from the lamp bead. Each string lights on the bead is connected in series, series between series and parallel. Therefore a lamp bead burned will lead to the lamp set beads are not bright. Look from the exterior, burning lamp bead in the position of the middle there is a black and indelible dot. Burned down lights, if not, can be burned down two behind the lamp bead welding feet together with electric welding. If too much, need to buy a new lamp bead board.

line of string and: lamp bead and power supply, lamp beads with high power and low power, high power for the LED lamp and ceiling lamp, flat light lamps. Now, of course, the ball bubble lamp, canister light also has, the fundamental are all within 30 w series, 3. 2 - 3. 4 v single voltage practices, current 320 ma at 15 w ceiling, the power output is 300-15 series of current Also is 48-320 ma 15 series voltage 51 v。 In tandem with a dawn dawn. This is why the LED lamps and lanterns are one reason for the small power lamp bead. Besides small power lamp bead of fluorescent lamp, soft light, hard light, the ball bubble lamp, tube lamp and so on, string and compatible. Article with fluorescent lamp and lamps, for example, the power of the fluorescent lamp is divided into cut off the power and cut off two, most domestic use the block to reduce costs, 18 w LED fluorescent lamp with 2835 lights, 0. 2 w 96, with 24 series 4 is not cut off power supply, lamp bead single voltage 3. 2 - 3. 4 v current ma output power is 74-60 The 230-81 - v current 240 ma, each string of one 24 wouldn't light is bright, the serious influence on other lamp bead, the same article lamp, constant pressure are all three series, a dawn three are not bright.

3。 LED lights shining

check whether meet the zero line and ahead. See first switch in the line color is red, if not consider it manipulation of the zero line switch, timely replacement. Investigation of electric light. Such as the room more light to shine and to the same circuit, to consider the power distribution in the zero line and the front counter. After the switch must be marked so that the repair in the future. Perhaps the light self inductance current. The situation can be replaced with incandescent lamp, or buy a 220 v relay, the relay coil in series in the circuit, so as to absorb the induced current.

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