LED bulbs price competition cause analysis

by:Sehon     2020-10-20

TrendForce LED discussion ( LEDinside) Issue the latest price statement pointed out that, in August 2018, because of intense competition, coupled with the LED chip prices fall, decline in market main packaging products in our country present different price range; The area was a trade war with China, as well as the raw material prices, August LED bulbs price presents the slight growth, filament lamp price also is relatively.

LED bulbs price competition aggravating cause analysis

in Europe, America, Japan and mainland China is the world's four largest LED lighting first mall, follow material price moved upstream, the influence of a trade war with China, around August LED bulbs prices were mixed.

LEDinside analysis division, said by beginning in the third quarter chip prices fall and the market competition aggravating, main packaging manufacturers in China also will adjust the prices of products, in August in the high power and power product prices are in decline, general lighting market growth strength is still weak. Main packaging products, 0. 2 w and 0. 5 w LED an average of 2835 separation by about 8% and 4%; In power LED products this month average price has fallen by about 3% in 3030, and 3030 more than 1 w LED products prices fell 2%.

in the automotive market, although LED permeability gradually increase, but many of the world's first-line manufacturers start launching capital low thermoelectric separation vehicle LED packaging products, automotive LED price competition aggravating.

in the ball bubble lamp, August instead of 40 w incandescent lamp LED bulbs retail price falling slightly 0. 7%, 6. $2; Replace the 60 w incandescent lamp LED bulbs 0 drop in retail price. 7%, to 7. $3.

from the perspective of the world's top area, the European region promotes the filament lamp new product brands, and in the UK and Germany area of different market pricing strategy. British area, in August instead of 40 w and 60 w incandescent lamp LED products average rose 0 separation. 5% and 0. 2%, among which the new LED lamp filament products price is higher than the market average. In addition, the original filament lamp product prices also presents different degrees of increase. Area in Germany, however, manufacturers of filament lamp product is far lower than the market average, and the original launch of product prices drop also is bigger, the filament lamp beginning market competition heats up.

Japan area, instead of 40 w and 60 w incandescent lamp LED bulbs products, retail price drop 2. 9%, the main because of panasonic, Alice ouya, intense competition between big brand manufacturers such as Toshiba, numerous and complicated cut prices.

the area was a trade war, raw material prices, lead to products average prices, instead of 40 w and 60 w incandescent lamp LED bulbs products prices rose 2 separation. 7% and 1. 3%.

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