LED bulbs to choose four steps

by:Sehon     2020-10-05

a universal 7 w LED bulb brightness is equivalent to a 60 w incandescent lamp, and energy saving more than 85%, the service life of 15 years, you can quickly switch 50000 times, often removes change light bubble trouble. Green energy saving lives in esteem as people to energy conservation and environmental protection, light and bright, and the advantages of long life for LED lights become more and more ordinary families preferred lighting. But in the face of all kinds of LED lights products, customers should be how to choose?

details product packaging

normal LED bulbs products, will have its product packaging parameters, the business of production, the origin, contact information, etc. After packaging, the customer first to brightness, light color, energy saving and the most caring to buy elements such as service life, and to properly choose the right product. If it were not for the logo on the packaging of products, products for informal, it is hard to guarantee the product quality, customers in use process found bulb damage also difficult to find merchants have after-sale service. So the customer is buying LED lights should be carefully read before the product packaging.

pick up the bulb survey

after reading the LED bulbs products packaging, next, it's time to take out the light bulb have a look at, touch, shake and test.

the first take a look at the light bulb appearance, its appearance should be the overall smooth, uniform without scratches; Second, touch the light bulb appearance throughout all the land, appearance should be smooth, no significant's feeling; Again, forcibly shake the light bulb, internal should have no sound, such as internal noise, perhaps because of its internal components of lamps and lanterns have no fixed or have sundry, easy to form a short circuit of the circuit inside the lamp and the damage to the lamps and lanterns; Finally, demand businessman in darker environment light LED bulbs, investigating the light color and brightness, and announced the bulb light is stable, light color is uniform, and whether the light to the eyes comfortable.

security environmental protection both

a kind of LED bulbs for home appliances, its security is a top priority. So the customer must choose obtains the national product quality certification of the LED products, products must be checked for safety certification ( Such as GB certification and CE certification, etc. ) , as long as the safety certification of products, in safety, function and quality is guaranteed. These logos are generally appear in the product packaging or on the inside of the box product manuals, customer check carefully when choosing LED filament bulb. Click to check the LED fluorescent tube

green also is the important factor need to consider when LED filament bulb of choose and buy, qualified LED filament bulb, no infrared, ultraviolet radiation, no mercury elements may damage your health, such as material, put aside when will not damage to the environment. For more and more attention to environmental protection of the customer, when buying can be aware of the relevant label on the product packaging.

must first consider

every family in the space environment is different, the customer should select suitable LED bulbs on the basis of using the environment, and not as bright as possible, nor is it the more expensive the better. Another, the sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other places of different requirements of brightness is different also, as long as the proper match of different brightness or color LED bulb light, talent, create a comfortable warmth or white clear different household lighting environment.

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