LED bulbs to choose

by:Sehon     2020-10-18

LED filament bulb to choose note:

tip 1, see light beads

light bead is the center of the LED lamps and lanterns of components, different types and different quality of lamp bead light power, luminous point of view is different. Now on the market most of the lamps and lanterns is single crystal lamp bead, which is just a piece of crystal. Twin lamp bead performance better than the single crystal lamp bead, long life spans than single crystal lamp bead.

technique 2, see brightness

when the LED of choose and buy, many consumer think the higher brightness, the light bulb, the better, in fact this is a big misunderstanding of choose and buy. Because of bright lights stand out like noon sunlight, simple harm vision not only, and can also affect the physical and mental health, especially children simple form withdrawn, be agitated, irritable temperament. Thus, when choosing lamps and lanterns should be combined with lighting environment, refer to the product of luminous flux index, or attention to investigation of the brightness of the lights and try to choose the lamps and lanterns of create brightness but not enough.

skills 3, see color

see color rendering index is object color really degree under the lights. Objects of degrees higher is better. According to the images below, for example, the left picture is reality, right image is obviously serious distortion.

you can use the colorful objects in a light bulb at hand to do the test, and from a professional point of view can be used to choose and buy color rendering index, color rendering index in more than 80 general lamps and lanterns is good, the higher the color rendering index, light objects of the higher recovery degree.

tip 4, look at the cooling data

due to the light bulb in the process of lighting will generate heat, so the light bulb must has good heat dissipation performance. The best bulb heat dissipation material ceramic, followed by the plastic bag, aluminum plastic again. When the choose and buy, had better choose ceramic materials bulbs, plastic raw material as far as possible not to consider, decline the probability of risk. Choose patent radiating ceramic skills snow Wright, the ball bubble of practice is to choose ceramic materials, heat release, the combination of PCB and light between the joint surface of the heat dissipation and useful touch area, these is good for heat conduction.

tip 5, see light bubble shell

light bubble shell commonly known as the chimney of bulb, this part of the raw materials to a great extent, affect the light transmittance, glare, light lighting effect. Now on the market of LED ball bubble shell in general is given priority to with PC, glass two kinds of data, in which the highest light transmittance of glass, pervious to light performance better, luminous uniform light shape is good, can reduce the glare, the condition of the spot, but defect is more fragile.

use the PC material, most of the other ball steep light transmittance is a bit weak, and defective PC cover use for a long time also simple aging become yellow.

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