LED bulbs too bright solutions

by:Sehon     2020-11-11

users are generally not too LED lamp brightness, few users think of the LED lamp is too bright. Hypothesis is really too light too bright, the simplest way is to replace smaller wattage of LED lights. If you don't want to replace LED lights, can also according to the following ways to drop the brightness of the LED lights.

leds are commonly used as the constant current in the circuit to drive the lamp bead, this circuit can be adjusted circuit boards in the sampling resistor to set the LED drive current, we need to adjust the resistance value can be decreased the brightness of the LED lights. Generally under constant current IC few peripheral receive the small resistance is sampling resistor ( Such as in the picture above R1 and R2) , appropriate increase its value, can drop the brightness of the LED lights. If the

is the way to more trouble, also can drive the output end of the ( LED + end and LED from above Side) Receive resistor R5 for hundreds or thousands of the resistance, LED lamp bead to make use of the resistor shunt, it also can lower the brightness of the LED lights. R5 concrete with much resistance and power, depends on the number of LED lamp bead and operating current.

want to drop the LED lamp brightness and a solution is to replace the LED driver with adjustable optical drives, that can through an external knob to stepless dimming LED lights.

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