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by:Sehon     2020-09-30

led bulb is an indispensable equipment in our day, it can not only beautify our lighting environment, will also be able to build different home atmosphere. There are a lot of people will ask about the LED bulb series is good is parallel, believe a lot of people don't understand! LED bulbs why not bad, we all know, the LED bulb is very durable, environmental protection energy saving, is the first symbol of modern civilization, so is about LED bulb series is parallel, here we should have specific knowledge.

LED bulb is a good - series good is parallel - Leds series-parallel optimal defects

LCD manifestation through light, general lighting appliances, such as street lamps use demand driven together multiple high brightness leds. Demand for these LED combination of series-parallel connection and demand driven.

, for example, 28 LED driver, can imagine there are six kinds of connection method. Is a series of 14 LED LED string) And then in parallel two series of LED string ( 14 series & times; 2) in parallel 。 Besides, there are 7 series & times; 4, 4 in parallel series & times; In parallel, series 2 & 7 times; Parallel 14 and 28 series & times; 1 in parallel, series 1 & times; 28 parallel connection methods, etc.

all leds in series is still parallel good? To answer this question needs to know the LED lights series parallel optimal defects.

LED bulb is a good - series good is parallel - Series of strengths lies in the luminance uniformity

series of strong points is the same series of LED brightness uniformity. Because all the LED supply at the same current. And driver IC need to output a current, can all the LED light series, circuit structure in brief. In addition, even if an LED short-circuit short-circuit faults, still can continue to light up the other LED is also its strength.

defect is driving voltage is higher. 14 LED series, assume that a positive pressure drop (LED VF) 56 v to 4 v, then the driving voltage requirements. If the 28 series, up to 112 v. In addition to some semiconductor manufacturers products, high driving voltage of the LED driver IC extremely narrow range of choice.

in addition, there is a LED attack after open circuit fault, the defects of all series of LED can't light.

LED filament bulb is good is still in parallel, series parallel connection strengths, there are two. One is able to multiple leds with low voltage driver. If it is 2 series & times; 14 in parallel structure, then, 8 v 28 driving voltage to drive the LED. Another advantage is that when a series of LED attack problems for some reason, other series of LED light up consistently. That is to say, can not easily affected by the fault circuit.

LED bulbs is good is still in parallel, series defects also has two. Is a parallel multiple LED string is difficult to control power supply current to the same value, so every string of LED brightness is likely to have differences. The other is a driver circuit more clutter.

if the number is 14 in parallel, as demand for 14 LED string of wiring. And, according to the circuit structure, all the LED string must be alone for voltage control and current control, and then lead to add capital.

why not bad LED bulbs?

why LED bulbs will not bad, it changes the tungsten filament incandescent light shine with the principle of energy-saving lamps sanki toner glow, and adopts the electric light. Why not bad LED bulbs, according to the analysis, the characteristics of the LED is very obvious, taking long, high light efficiency, no radiation and low power consumption.

LED the spectra of almost all concentrated in the visible light spectrum, its luminous efficiency can surpass 150 lm/W, 2010) 。 Will be LED with ordinary incandescent lamp, spiral energy-saving lamps and T5 trichromatic fluorescent lamps is compared, results show: general incandescent lamp luminous efficacy of 12 lm/W, taking less than 2000 hours, spiral energy-saving lamp luminous efficacy of 60 lm/W, taking less than 8000 hours, T5 fluorescent lamp is 96 lm/W, life spans about 10000 hours, and 5 mm diameter to surpass 150 lm/W white LED light efficiency theory, taking more than 100000 hours. Someone also predicted, LED his cap in the future will be infinite.

however, the working principle of LED lights in high-power LED lighting industry cooling problems become very prominent, many LED lighting solution can't pay attention to heat dissipation, or the technical level is limited, so the current production of high-power LED lights are widespread practical use life spans than the theoretical value, ratio of less than traditional lamps and lanterns of the embarrassing situation. In order to advance the use of LED lamps and lanterns become old, yea, the real do appropriate commercial production, LED lighting industry are independent or thermal conductive materials and professional supplier cooperation to research and development new thermal conductive materials, such as thermal conductive plastics and so on.

are present in just about every facet of modern life.
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