LED bulbs will faint light reason after turn off the switch

by:Sehon     2020-10-02

today, there is a customer complaint said: our LED lamp lighting time for customers, found after turn off the power switch will also have a faint glow. And has been lit, has been won't out the lamp. Install lamp electrician is nasty, will think that the quality of our LED lights out of the question.

but it is not, of a qualified electrician, it is a common sense should not make mistakes. Why is it will light when the power is cut off? Due to the electrical engineering in the power switch, the power switch is zero, not the front. Electrical power all know power switch must be in the front, no advised of shock hazard. However, today's complaints electrical power with zero line. Ahead when the power is also continuing to LED drive power supply, thus can form after turn off the switch, LED lights will have a faint glow brightly. Expecting to meet my friends after a similar situation to pay special attention to. Safety first.

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