Led bulbs will get good development

by:Sehon     2020-10-25

status led bulbs led lighting is mainly given priority to with high power white led single lamp. Led lighting lamps and lanterns is generally referred to as the led lamps and lanterns, as led skills further mature, led lighting lamps and lanterns in the bedroom will plan and development carried out more and better. The bedroom of the 21st century will be based on the led lighting lamps and lanterns planning bulb planning for the mainstream, at the same time fully embody energy-saving, healthy, artistic and humanized lighting trends, the bedroom lights culture has become the dominant.

traditional incandescent lamp ( Tungsten filament lamp) High energy consumption, short service life, under the circumstances of global resources nervous, has been gradually used by governments to stop produce, then replace the product is electronic energy-saving lamps, electronic energy-saving lamp is more energy saving effect, but because of using a lot of environmental pollution by heavy metals, and contrary to the trend of environmental protection. High speed to develop LED lighting with leds skills gradually become a new type of green lighting of choice. In LED luminous principle, energy-saving, environmental protection level are much better than traditional lighting products.

because incandescent lamp and electronic energy-saving lamps in People's Daily use still holds a very high proportion, in order to reduce waste, LED lighting manufacturers must develop in accordance with the existing interface and people use habits of LED lighting products, make people don't need to replace the original traditional base of lamps and lanterns and lines can be used under the condition of a new generation of LED lighting products. So the LED ball steep light was born.

status led bulbs led lighting is mainly given priority to with high power white led single lamp, international top 3 led light produces manufacturers warranty for three years, large particles is greater than the lumens per watt, small particles per watt is greater than or equal to 110 lumens. Droop larger particles less than 3% each year, droop small particles is less than 3% a year.

led lamp manufacturers talk about from the aspects of health, and the use of non-toxic materials planning product price is higher, especially the indoor led lighting, don't keen on gaining petty advantages chooses is faulty led lamp act the role ofing, only a small amount of several led manufacturer with non-toxic materials produced, distinguish method can directly with nose, smelly products lower prices than no stink of many. Toxins such as lead, mercury, cadmium, similar to professional analysis. Look from the applicable environmental security, have reliable dustproof moistureproof planning, information of fire prevention, prevent ultraviolet ray, prevent cold cracking LED products price is high.

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