LED ceiling lamp lighting the mainstream

by:Sehon     2020-09-27

the LED ceiling lamp lighting into river, the company continuously devotes to the LED ceiling lamp makes the set production, development, when the LED ceiling lamp replacement demand have different power levels or the shape of the light source, only replace the same luminous body can replace the light source is convenient, abandoning the big current and super current, low current, output because the more the clutter, different way between the current trouble to handle capital is not low, such as the question of the high fault rate, output because the more the greater the total output current, and the main reason for the electric current is calorific, voltage itself does not directly cause fever, short for calorific value is directly proportional to the square of the current. Set the LED ceiling lamp to light with the plate after two parts, lights and take up the space of each plate, easy to transport.

to attract vision, infection, emotions, heart, and a promotion and function, building atmosphere effect of lighting ( Atmosphere light) : stores should give others must, be beneficial to show the effect of atmosphere feeling, this feeling can be reflect through atmosphere illumination method, guide the vision lighting ( Guiding light) : successful guide light building have suggested that effect. LED ceiling lamp bottom is equipped with notches on the edge of the skirt, equipped with the cooperation of metal ring surface concave convex platform of cooperation, LED ceiling lamp concave and convex platform for spherical structure.

LED ceiling lamp maintenance protection methods:

1. Should not be in the process of cleaning of LED ceiling lamp, please change the structure of the LED ceiling lamp and can't convert it the inside parts, after the protection, LED ceiling lamp should be the device into the same can not be packing parts and wrong parts.

2。 Not frequently, at a time of using the LED ceiling lamp switch, too frequently will still affect the LED ceiling lamp inside electronic components become old, yea, and then affect the LED ceiling lamp life.

3。 LED ceiling lamp should not be the best water cleaning, use dry cloth to touch water scrubbing can only, if not be careful touch dry, water will try to avoid after turn on the light and then immediately with a damp cloth.

high pressure sodium lamp is a guarantee of the corresponding national standards rules in the first quarter, street lamps for unit can inventory must be amount of sodium lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp with the mature of the corresponding national standards, its main parts, power and so on main parameters are consistent, with the interchangeability, at a time when the LED problems mainly in the power supply, the main power can be so had to deal with. LED ceiling lamp components including face ring and lamp cup, ring surface including setting the sidewalls of the area around it is lamp cup, LED ceiling lamp surface of ring wall and described lamp cup between elastic structure, lamp cup after elastic structure fixed on the ring surface.

together build interface standardization, LED lamp power supply can be applied to have different manufacturers, conclusion: the LED power supply had better choose split type development, with special attention to the reliability of power supply and become old, yea, even add a bit of money, but the station in a merchant's point of view to develop products, the enterprise can obtain the lasting, lights carrier - commercial lighting needs what attitude LED lighting lamps and lanterns. Set the LED ceiling lamp to light plate with two parts, in the LED ceiling lamp device, as long as you let the light of the ceiling of the lamp holder and lamp holder screw thread connection, reoccupy plate will carry and fixed on the ceiling light can, installation is very convenient.

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