LED chip prices fell near 10 yuan LED lights

by:Sehon     2020-11-05

a domestic manufacturers recently pointed out nearly a year of LED chip has dropped from 6 yuan to 2 yuan, LED lights for chip prices also continues to drive the LED filament bulb 3 has fallen into, an average of 30 - 100 yuan, the most flat as long as 10 yuan, the quality is good and evil people mixed up. Foshan lighting association, two years ago 1 watt LED chip price is about $3, but now has been reduced to less than $1, some chips made in Taiwan and the mainland even dropped to 3 yuan a grain. It is understood that the chip at least one-third of the cost of the LED lamps and lanterns, direct drive LED chip price cut the price down. In recent years due to the chip prices fall at the rate of 20% each year, making sales growth is 10% in the first half of the year 30%. LED lights prices fall, bring positive downstream manufacturers expand the market. Foshan company exports the LED lamps and lanterns is 100% growth. Points out that a manufacturer of LED lights price will be lower, certainly estimate next year will gradually batch into ordinary families. Chip prices at the same time, also increased pressure on the upstream chip manufacturers. Squeeze on its profit space is very large. And the market also began to appear cheap inferior LED lights. LED manufacturer to remind consumers to buy the LED light not only see the brightness.

in addition, the main raw material for energy-saving lamps phosphor 10 times steep price, cost pressures lead to energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps and accelerate the foshan enterprises to leds.

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