Led dome light how to change a lightbulb

by:Sehon     2020-11-08
Change how

led to absorb dome light bulb:

1, disconnect the power supply:

1) Before change led to absorb dome light bulb will switch to shut down in the home, after power off safely remove absorb dome light, clean up the dust with a clean dry vail, take down the chimney outside again, see which bulb is broken, whether need change the bulb from the start.

2) After winning lampshade, if found a head lamp has turned black, made clear the tubes are broken, we need device is a new one. When buying a new tubes according to oneself the home dome light size to buy a good change into the same tube.

2, remove the tubes:

want QuDeng, needs to see the lamps and lanterns is what kind of internal structure, and then on the basis of the internal structure of lamps and lanterns, the fixed tube, spring break, so that you can take out the lamp. In fact, the inside of the tubes are generally mounted on, just need to find the source of the inlay lamp, remove the lamp is very brief.

3, installation lamp:

new tubes to buy after you come back, can according to the way of down in the back from the device. Brief hint: use spring to hold the new tube, the other end connected to the power of the local can, after the device to check and see if it is connected to the power of the party.

4, see whether bright:

device after good lamp, the lamp shade device is good, and the final step is to open the power supply in the home, check to see if the led light, if not bright, let's to check whether a wrong line from the start, or the light is bad.

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