LED domestic enterprises how to compete with traditional lighting giants

by:Sehon     2020-10-04

now the lighting industry is an important period of old and new alternate, incandescent lamp delisting, the rise of the popularity of fluorescent energy-saving lamps, LED lighting, this is one of The Three Kingdoms tripartite confrontation. Lost is undoubtedly the incandescent light bulb, but the fluorescent energy-saving lamps and LED filament bulb who can dominate the market? This is an unknown. For some domestic LED lighting enterprise, it is hope that LED lighting can dominate the market, after all, the current basic fluorescent energy-saving lamps market has been big traditional lighting giant commandeer, assigned to the share of the market by other domestic other few and far between. But his traditional lighting giants and so easily giving lighting market want? The war is arduous, long-term process.

traditional lighting giants did not stop the pace of consolidation in the field of new LED. Over the past year, osram is acquired SITECO, Encelium, TRAXON three companies, the whole industry chain integration deduced to get incisively and vividly. Last year's acquisition, enhanced the control system, management system for light source, lighting design in areas such as power, make its have the downstream customers of these companies and designers team precious resources, such as network is further improved. Acquisition of LUMILEDS company after completing a hierarchical layout, philips mergers and acquisitions in the next few years more than 10 focus on LED niche businesses. GE to buy LED electronic drive pioneer Lightech company also widely attention.

however, in China's market in LED lighting applications, LED lighting application domestic enterprises directly in the face of these powerful challenge to the traditional lighting giant. Some argue that the LED lighting application domestic enterprises understanding of LED technology more deeply, in can seize the essence of the LED lamps and lanterns design characteristics; Traditional understanding of lighting lighting giants even more thorough and professional, and traditional lighting giant also balancing the market of energy-saving lamps, they do not want to the shrinking market too fast.

first of all, the traditional lighting giant understanding of LED technology will not be lost to LED domestic enterprises. Because these giant has rich capital, even is not through acquisitions means technology source, can also be heavily, recruiting. In fact, in the enterprise's lab, products have been forming a more advanced LED lighting lamps and lanterns, they just don't want to push into the market as soon as possible, otherwise it will shorten the current profits cycle of energy saving lamps and lanterns.

second, traditional lighting giant understanding of lighting is quite clear, this is the domestic LED lighting enterprise need remediation work. ’ LED lighting & rsquo; Source, the LED is only technology, but lighting is embodied. Domestic companies when it comes to LED lighting will think of photosynthetic efficiency and energy saving, it is the surface, what is more important for perception of the light itself. This includes the color temperature, color rendering, droop, cooling, installation environment and a series of parameters of understanding, lighting the biggest pursuit is comfortable, after all.

in the end, the traditional lighting giant has a strong brand and the channel resources, this is its huge LED enterprise. Brand influence not tired, energy-saving lamps and lanterns, for example, many consumers only look for the philips, osram these brands. For channel, on the one hand, including sales outlets, on the other hand also includes after-sales service network, convenient for consumers to buy the former, the latter provide consumers with the convenience of maintenance. Both, especially the latter, branding has a pivotal role to the enterprise.

all in all, as the world's attention the LED lighting of the battlefield, the Chinese market will be more competitive. At present, still in the beginning LED commercial lighting, civil lighting has not been activated and lighting application is still in & rsquo; Lactation & rsquo; And traditional lighting giants are still in the efforts to achieve transformation. Therefore, Chinese enterprises should seize the strategic opportunity LED lighting applications, swallow the short board, for giant completely before the transition to obtain advantages in the traditional lighting, so as to grasp the initiative in the competition in the future.

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