LED downlight and so on the seven gimmick of lamps and lanterns of choose and buy

by:Sehon     2020-10-07

with the mass of the gradual improvement of the quality of life, the selection of household is on a level, the more JingDiaoXiLou requirements on lighting planning. In LED tube light, LED lamp lighting the lamp is no longer a simple lighting lamps and lanterns lit, the atmosphere of the construction and the light of the LED lamps and lanterns, let consumers more attention!

below, surveying of land led bulbs manufacturers small make up summarizes some led tube light, shoot the light, such as lamps and lanterns of choose and buy skills and lamp pay attention to matters, for your reference! Correct selection of LED lamps and lanterns of posture:

1, the height of lamps and lanterns can't too high

if the embedded dark filling high above 10 cm, lamps and lanterns is not advocating an outfit, it requires that the thicker top, practice 2. 8 meters tall condole top, but should not be hung thick, so the lamps and lanterns is highly advisable within 7 cm.

as for the lamps and lanterns of intrusive individuals feel there is no need to seek large, dark itself is installed to stick to the ceiling and pure and fresh, elegant and the strength is the best.

2, if not condole top, choose with the lamps and lanterns

don't condole top, lamps and lanterns show for surface mounted, is bound to have a beautiful appearance. Do light well and horizontal well in appearance, is a senior of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns is in the eyes of planners, architects, soft outfit, remember cannot careless, directly about taste. Let's remember: turn on the light good light, turn off the lights in style.

3, lamps and lanterns from at least 80 cm & ndash; 100 cm

from the concept of shielding Angle, the footsteps of people mostly in 60 cm distance, the secondary line, lamps and lanterns of at least 80 cm distance & ndash; 100 centimeters, different people different senses light, can be appropriately extended distance. In this way, from man's move online, most conditions within the shielding Angle, no glare, do not drop space brightness again.

master these principles to consider family practice moving line, investigation of shielding Angle and direction of fine-tuning of lamps and lanterns, manipulation of the good ratio of direct and indirect illumination, wipe not ZhaoQiang wall, you will find that the lights will bring you many boast good feeling.

4, pay attention to power intrusive

a beam Angle of the cone, shoot the light, in the selection practice family power - 7 12 watts, if is a larger space to choose the lamps and lanterns of more powerful.

from & other; Light & throughout; , tube lights and shoot the lamp to be no significant boundary, at an Angle of light beam degree, plan to use than the tube lights and shoot the lamp to two nouns to be more professional. Can choose according to the practice's & other; Wide beam Angle & throughout; Perhaps & other; A narrow beam Angle & throughout; Lamp, to build the air.

5, reduce glare, adding brightness

& other; Light soft yet strong sense of road & throughout; , so the opposite two groups of words, is precisely what household lights planning & other; The top law & throughout; To reduce glare, adding brightness.

on both sides have the same brightness of LED lamps and lanterns and light beam Angle, why left glare out there? The soft and comfortable on the right?

difference, two lamps and lanterns of shielding Angle range is different. On the right side of the girl sitting in the shielding Angle area of lamps and lanterns, can't see the inside of the light source of lamps and lanterns, no glare, also is not identifiable, as the saying goes, & other; Not too bright, but too direct & throughout; 。

6, selection & other; Shielding Angle & throughout; In 45 & deg; About the lamps and lanterns of

shielding Angle: light tangent with the horizontal line clip? ; Less than 30 & deg; The lamps and lanterns of shielding Angle, will happen to the human eye luminance, glare out there. One of identifying a plan quality specification of lamps and lanterns: shielding Angle 45 & deg; Or above.

there is an easy way to the human eye to identify shielding Angle, the diagram below: you see the product pictures or things feel, the depth of the light plane to d and thumb length is similar, shading? At about 45 degrees, the lamps and lanterns is less glare.

7, adjust the shielding Angle, direct to indirect illumination

fine-tuning the inner ring of dark outfit LED lamp viewpoint, the light direction changes occur, they appear within the shielding Angle. Let the LED lamps and lanterns from direct to indirect illumination.

LED lamp LED track light

the track lights turned to metope, the metope reflected the lamp to the scale of the human eye, soft and comfortable, direct light into indirect light.

mastering direct lighting ( LED tube light) With the indirect lighting ( The LED lamp or LED lamp belt) Scale, can make whole household environment level and do not break clever, there are internal air! LED tube light manufacturer & ndash; — Floating photoelectric, professional manufacturer of LED lamps and lanterns, and exist for you!

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