Led energy-saving light bulbs save electricity

by:Sehon     2020-09-30

1。 Here to give you stress, the led energy-saving bulb can save electricity, but also better than power-saving energy-saving light bulbs, because the led luminous principle of energy-saving light bulbs with energy-saving lamps, its luminous efficiency also is different, can save the electric power is not the same. Energy-saving lamps because of different brand, its quality and luminous efficiency are also different.

2。 While led luminous efficiency is much higher than energy-saving lamps energy-saving light bulbs, 1 wled energy-saving bulb brightness is created that needs to be at least about 2 w energy-saving lamps to achieve the same brightness, and people felt brightness will be affected by some factors, and these factors will reduce its brightness. Led energy-saving bulbs, cold light source, and energy-saving lamp brightness can produce heat, the heat generated by the more than led energy-saving light bulbs, is also one reason for the increase its power loss.

3。 Led energy-saving light bulbs are far more expensive than energy-saving lamps, so some users timely know led energy-saving bulb less electricity, also can choose to purchase energy-saving lamps, because saving purchase energy-saving lamps can be used as make up for that part of the spending more money when buying a lamp. What kind of lamps and lanterns of using their customers' needs.

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