LED enterprise half annals from inverse city as a whole

by:Sehon     2020-10-04

benefit from demand growth as well as the recent good news, such as policy support, LED recent active plate. Released in August when the half-year intensive period, monthly average gained about 6 LED plate. 39% year-on-year, while the Shanghai composite index fell 2. 43%, far large disk performance. Three Ann photoelectric the bellwether in the plate, the recent share price hit a year high, or has reached 13 August. In the second quarter of 38%, to the end of August rose even up to 34. In 93%, 183. 68%.

of street lamp, subsidies as a source of profits mainly upstream

due to pressure capacity of the chip prices are lower and upstream denotation, chip industry profit ability to drop considerably, leading companies in Taiwan crystal electric, ladies, for example, in the second quarter gross margin is less than 15% full capacity situation. The continent, the upstream enterprise driven by government street lamp orders and fiscal subsidies, net profit from Taiwan at a higher level.

three Ann achieve revenue in the second quarter of the photoelectric 8. 600 million yuan, rose 68%, up 94% from a year earlier. Benefit company chip product quality improvement and capacity utilization rate of income growth in the second quarter of the company, at present, the company reaches producing total has reached 100 units, the number of MOCVD monthly income of nearly 300 million yuan chip. In the second half of the company still has 30 MOCVD will open in succession, the chip income growth is expected to further enhance. Taken together, the rapid growth of the benefit from the chip and government street lamp orders, the company operating profit ratio would increase greatly, and expected the company is expected to net profit of more than 1. 1 billion, including business net income accounted for about 80%.

bdo, operating revenues fell by 1 in the first half of the year. 01%, net profit rose 21. 5%, 2012 half annual report non-operating income up to 1 in the first half of the company. 500 million yuan, the main reason is its net profit growth. Compared with 2011 half annals, in the first half of 2011 the company won the fiscal subsidy of up to 2. 9. 8 billion yuan, more than net 2. 7. 1 billion yuan. It is because of subsidies to reduce, leading to bdo, is expected in the first three quarters of this year net profit could fall by 60%. During the reporting period, the company in wuhu and dalian LED industry base of the epitaxial wafer and chip production capacity continues to release, with more than 20 sets of MOCVD equipment to realize mass production, is expected in the second half of the company will have nearly 80 sets of MOCVD equipment go into mass production.

encapsulate enterprise patent increasing

in the first half of the encapsulated giant Switzerland abundant photoelectric net profit of 1989. 340000 yuan, year-on-year decline in 3. 02%, with second quarter growth of 200% in the first quarter, and the company in the reporting period 12 new patents, new application for a patent for 17; Lehman photoelectric revenue rose to 21. Only 2 5%, but the net profit year-on-year growth. 73%, to 2011. 50000 yuan, the company in the reporting period 3 new patents, new application for a patent for 20; Hon optoelec first-half net profit of 33. 22 million yuan, year-on-year decline in 11. Net profit rose 50% in the second quarter of 65%, among which, during the reporting period, the authorized 13 companies were granted patents, 14 new patent applications.

the three major companies in August in the capital market's performance is also very grab an eye, lehman photoelectric twice daily, monthly or 9. 76%; Hon optoelec was once harden, but because of the market for application market pressure on prices and fears of a company in the second half performance that month rose 1. 60%; Refond optoelectronics is smooth to obtain the maximum gain 10 during the month. 45%.

key downstream LED lighting layout

the downstream enterprises in the capital market's performance relative to differentiation, the biggest gains chau Ming rose during the month of science and technology for 16. 35%; It is frequently on the photoelectric next, up 11. 11%; Sun lighting and snow Wright was down 14 respectively. 95% and 15. 73%, and the sun lighting is stepping up efforts to transform from the traditional lighting to LED lighting. Fell in August, about 1/3 of the downstream enterprises, rose by an average of 2. 06%, weak performance in a hierarchical enterprise, it also reflects the market's worries about the lamps and lanterns price pressures and vicious competition.

momentum of downstream enterprises LED lighting layout, state science and technology in the first half net profit of 16. 34 million yuan, Ming fell 25. 87%, the LED lighting business accounts for more than 10. 58%, the second half of the year is expected to expand to 20%, and the reporting period, chau Ming technology to adjust the high-end LED display products to expand investment of the project, 2 from the original commitment to investment. Down to about 1 of 200 million yuan of above. 500 million yuan.

enterprise overall decline in margins

the report shows that listed companies generally LED plate a drop in profit margins, Switzerland abundant photoelectric lighting and backlight LED product gross margin decline in 8, respectively. 96% and 4. 54%; Dry as photoelectric decline in gross margin, the chips were down 20. 47%, epitaxial wafer year-on-year decline in 26. Although 46%, resulting in revenue during the first half of growth in 6. 03%, belong to shareholders of listed companies net profit fell 27. 43%; However, industry leading frequently on the photoelectric, rectangular lighting performance year-on-year growth, brand and scale effect is its competitive advantage.

is the main reason of the decline in margins along with the release of production capacity of LED lighting industry, intensifies the competition of the industry, enterprise to price change. In addition, the company in the marketing network, new product development, technology innovation, brand strategy, etc in marketing and r&d, lead to rising costs. Chau Ming science and technology, for example, the company operating income during the first half year-on-year growth of 5. 43%, however, management costs rose to 62. 93%, r&d spending year-on-year increase of 79. By 37% to 14. 75 million yuan, and operating expenses increase 15. 07%, causing the ownership of the listed company shareholder's net income for 16. 34 million yuan only reduced compared to the same 25. 87%.

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