LED filament will replace the LED ball steep light

by:Sehon     2020-10-14

LED filament light glow either appearance or point of view, is better than now LED ball steep light, and shape and the traditional incandescent lamp, this is also we think LED lamp filament is the final version of the cause of the LED bulb light. But why can't have been a lot of pushing to the market, the reason analysis are as follows:

1) LED lamp filament is too expensive

the reason for this is because the LED filament material expensive, after the amount is large or changing the data standard, could fall by material capital, but now the process yield is still has some problems, is now LED filament capital cannot fall. As for processing, now has the manufacturer for how to drop material capital and process yield research progress, this problem is due to the LED front encapsulation process, which is now many assembly house policy.

other discusses other factors affect the price of LED lamp filament, artificial cost is too large when assembling, after assembling the whole lamp yield is not high, these are all of price for LED lamp filament can't decline.

2) Quality

now is the biggest hood door LED filament light heat dissipation problem, because the LED shape filament itself, so it is difficult to heat dissipation, thus not only accelerate the filament LED light failure, and affect the service life of the LED filament, so how to progress LED filament heat capacity is an important problem now LED lamp filament.

other LED filament have heat dissipation problem, so many vendors will LED wattage of filament, reduce the heat generated by the filament LED light, but the relative brightness has been falling.

because leds filament have heat dissipation problem, so the whole lamp assembly cannot the wattage of the whole progress, but the market thought generally ball steep light to be the primary lighting, it will be around 1000 lumens brightness.

and now on the market some LED filament lamp brightness is probably around 400 lumens, so now the LED lamp filament only when decorate lighting, not when the main lighting.

3) Now LED lamp filament lamp type

most are in line with the traditional incandescent lamp equipment planning, it does not take into account that the LED heat dissipation characteristics of filament lamp, so I can't do higher wattage LED filament lamp.

but now, many of the traditional incandescent lamp manufacturers do LED lamp filament, they just amend the existing equipment a little traditional incandescent filament can produce LED lamp, completely without considering the nature of the LED lamp filament, so no improvement the quality of the LED lamp filament, but we think this kind of practice LED a filament lamp is a transitional product, just to spend is already obsolete incandescent lamp production equipment.

if the filament can be LED lamp now defect is improved, and then made of safety glass, glass shell for filament LED light emitting area is large, less glare, is a very good light source.

now according to the exterior of LED lamp filament and light-emitting viewpoint, is now replace incandescent and LED bulb light is very good products, is also expected to be LED ball steep light last finalize the design product.

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