LED golden growth this year three bright spots worthy of attention

by:Sehon     2020-10-28

in the spring 2014 meeting yesterday & middot; High yield research emerging industry investment strategy meeting, the industry and capital industry with very bullish on 2014 LED industry development. High LED industry research institute Zhang Hongbiao thought, LED industry will enter a new gold growth in 2014.

in the past few years, the rapid development of LED industry, the development of the industrial chain each link all exceeded expectations, product price soaring. From 2010 to 2013, the domestic LED indoor lighting product prices fell more than 20% per year.

LED products cost-effective, accelerate the industrialization process, application fields from the backlight in areas such as rapid expansion to indoor lighting, and other fields. High industry institute released a set of research data show that in 2013 the domestic LED application output value of 208. 1 billion yuan, including indoor lighting output value 62. 6 billion yuan, accounted for 30%. This is the LED indoor lighting, landscape lighting, for the first time become the main power promote the sustained and rapid development of industry.

the sun lighting officer yong, general manager thinks, lighting applications should have a 50% growth in 2014, good corporate growth will be higher, at 100% or even 200% is possible.

Zhang Hongbiao believes that in 2014 LED industry investment should be grasping the main line of the big three, namely, upstream ( The sapphire material) , investment opportunities in the field of lighting, as well as industry consolidation.

in terms of industry merger and reorganization, the high industry of the institute for jack zhang said that the development of emerging industries are jumping, such as LED industry have not developed to the mature stage, it has entered the integration period. In 2014 LED industry mergers and acquisitions or continues, industry leading will show itself.

for industrial chain upstream of the sapphire material, as the LED substrate, at present there are 80 million national capacity, but the actual demand of LED chip factory is 30 million pieces, there is a big deviation between supply and demand, the sapphire substrate business is losing money. However, once the sapphire application in the field of intelligent electronic technology breakthrough, industry prospects will be very broad.

the upstream chip area, more than 50 enterprises at present, the output value of more than 7 billion domestic LED chip enterprises in our country, Zhang Hongbiao thinks, 2014 annual output value is expected to reach 10 billion, which rose more than 40%.

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