LED industry high-speed development, China will face the dilemma of overheating

by:Sehon     2020-10-10

in China LED in the process of continuously adjust and optimize industrial structure, in the next few years, China's denotation, chip scale will be further expanded. In August 2010, 69 China has LED epitaxy and chip enterprises ( Including more than 20 under construction or planned) 。 In has produced or construction of the enterprise, there are 48 involves the LED core link extension and chip manufacturing, there are more than 10 focus on LED chips.

in the face of China's LED industry rapid development, deeply, the following two aspects are more worrying:

hub MOCVD equipment supply tension MOCVD as LED the core link of epitaxial growth hub device, is also the largest single investment in the manufacturing equipment. Can provide industrialization produce MOCVD equipment manufacturer co. , LTD. , concentration is higher, mainly in Europe and the United States and Japan. MOCVD equipment localization road until you come to China is not smooth, can only produce small equipment for scientific research, there is no able to provide for mature industrialization produce of MOCVD equipment manufacturer, but these days there are several of collecting equipment research and production unit gives the schedule of equipment, to it. In the global LED industry driven by the rapid development of MOCVD equipment in recent one or two years has been at the state of tight supply, equipment deliveries have been extended. Especially depend entirely on the entrance to the case, the equipment of the arrival of the period for 6 to mainland China Nine months, or longer. China supplier of MOCVD mainly concentrated in two, AIXTRON Veeco in the United States and Germany. Global MOCVD new installed capacity in 2010, due to the LED backlight LCD TV penetration seepage speeding up, the LCD TV manufacturing powers the most south Korean increment, followed by the Taiwan region. This year, according to SEMI China MOCVD new incremental in 177, about shipments in the third world. In addition, according to the SEMI statistics and analysis, combining the MOCVD supply situation, in 2011 China MOCVD new incremental share is expected to reach 40% of the world, and in other parts of the increment will be commensurate with 2010 levels.

overcapacity fears of without overblown, with the rapid development of China's LED industry on type seems to be filled with a hot atmosphere. Upstream manufacturers expansion or proposed new factory plan, local governments also join in the LED fluorescent lamp after high-profile, directional purchase orders for MOCVD equipment subsidies, large extremely excitant policies were introduced, such as LED to a local industry. Also see the actual effect, the newly built plant, number of MOCVD planning constantly stand high, & other; Throughout the first &; 、“ The biggest & throughout; Slogan is common in all kinds of news headlines.

the concern about China's upstream overcapacity LED voice began to more, or questions or criticism, for the hot Chinese LED industry poured cold water down the fire. Around there is no denying the fact that according to the planning of installed capacity and MOCVD, upstream production capacity of China in the next few years, especially the blue green light extension and chip production capacity there is a strong possibility of supply glut. The author thought that appropriate caution is necessary, but fears of excess capacity without overblown! Determine the main basis of excess production capacity is currently number by MOCVD in the planning of China, but by SEMI tracking statistical analysis, the number of mainland Chinese actual installation of MOCVD lagging behind the plan or the number of published. And many manufacturers plans to add dozens or even hundreds of MOCVD is implement by stages, the entire time span, enterprises can adjust according to the actual situation at that time. So at present, some institutions are statistics of the number of MOCVD exist were emphasized. Yet, China after two years of MOCVD actual installation quantity also will reach a very large scale, production capacity will be down times.

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