LED industry in China in 2014 the six big 'prophecy'

by:Sehon     2020-09-27

2013 away with us; Changeable, LED industry is still in the forward. The future LED the development of a year, will face more opportunities and challenges, during this LED enterprise business strategy is particularly important. Combined with the environmental advantage, do only brand, to achieve economies of scale is the future of LED enterprises an effective way to deal with market risk. In 2014, LED industry there are eight major prophecy. 1, 2014, LED to serious reshuffle after before a few years of development, the domestic LED industry in such aspects as technology, scale, the product has achieved great progress, but also faces many problems, LED excess production capacity, the number of enterprises, product performance levels not neat, the price war intensified, many companies don't have a clear corporate and product positioning. The LED industry over the next five years will be a shakeout, whether the listed company, or the state-owned enterprises, private companies, in the next five years, will face a very serious situation. Especially in the next three years, LED industry big fish eat small fish, fast fish eat slow fish, will be the industry norm, because the market space is so big, this also is the inevitable result of the market rule. Unlisted companies can basically be eliminated or consolidation. 2, the global LED light source to replace tide will be officially launched in the rapid development of LED lighting market, lighting manufacturers through acquisition pathways and technology to integrate resources, enhance competitiveness. Most current lighting manufacturers collocation a variety of wireless transmission technology and overall intelligence control technology, and even collocation a variety of renewable energy and green building solutions, so numerous business opportunities in the future. In addition, the brand image promotion can enlarge the lighting manufacturer bargaining space, also can get rid of the predicament of competition continue to bargain. 3, 2014 LED lighting product shipments increased seventy percent, worth $17. 8 billion global market penetration of LED lighting is rapidly increasing, LED lighting production will amount to $17. 8 billion in 2014, the whole shipment number 13 LED lighting products. 200 million, a 68% growth in 2013. LED industry body, said the global LED lighting products to replace tide comes from the rapid decline in price, of which the most alternative light source products, the ball bubble lights and tubes is one of the most welcomed by the market to replace light source type, respectively 38% and 25% of the 2013 LED lighting products. One-piece type of LED lighting products, moreover, the future demand will rise gradually, especially the combination of intelligent lighting application products, so the proportion of LED lighting products in 2014 is expected to is expected to increase year by year. 4, 2014 FlashLED market movements will present M type FlashLED in smartphone penetration has reached 100%, certain Flash opportunity, LED industry actively into the Flash market. 2013 FlashLED specifications to drive current of 1000 ma and 500 ma and 350 ma for the mainstream, and 2014 of the specifications of the FlashLED will develop towards M type, under the drive current 1000 ma, the brightness in 240 - 250 lm FlashLED will continue to play a higher-order mainstream, on the other hand, if the customer has a lower cost considerations, and import the machine for low order model, adopting FlashLED would fall on the drive current 350 ma, the brightness of the specifications of the below 75 lm. 5, 2014 straight down type TV penetration rate more than sixty percent, the impact of LED backlight production 2013 LEDTV permeability television factory in China to drive down to the level of 95%, in 2014 is expected to be fully replace CCFL, TV shipments for the whole year an estimated 29 million units, annual growth rate of 3%. In 2014, however, TV LED backlight production forecast for 24. Instead of $100 million, the annual growth rate of decline to 17%, the main reason for the straight down type TV use LED a number of relatively less edge-lit model about fifty percent, and 2014 straight down type model permeability will be as high as sixty percent, is to cause the overall shipment growth LED TV, LED the main reason for decline in production. 6, prices continue to fall, the lighting requirements will be increased in the past two years, the global lighting market began to emerge & other; The white & throughout; Effect, at the same time, influenced by the upstream chip technology promotion and price falling fast, LED lighting and narrowing the gap between the traditional lighting products, LED lighting downstream product price decline has become an indisputable. At present, the price of LED lighting products is declining at a rate of about 20% a year, many areas instead of 40 w or 60 w LED bulb light minimum price is even lower than $10, is approaching the price of the traditional energy-saving lamps.

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