LED industry's failures in 2011, 2012 if there's any better?

by:Sehon     2020-10-19

11 years has passed half a year's time, the LED lighting industry throughout the previous year, a word in full, the industry that is & other Run & throughout; 。 Just a few months in the previous year, LED energy-saving lamps enterprise development road many running events, the following enumerated several well-known.

a: run shenzhen jun made the boss run more LED lights factory closures gradually looming

shenzhen jun made more industrial co. , LTD. , chairman of Mao Guojun due to 237 employees in arrears for a total of about 610000 yuan a month, this year National Day eve play missing, nowhere to get their own pay, and in the process of appeal the government unit, all of a sudden not effectively solved, had to take to intercept protest way of passing vehicles cause the traffic jam.

run 2: shenzhen bollen, photoelectric collapse risk exposure LED industry

& other; On October 25, I and several colleagues around boren industrial park gate, don't let them pull the goods out. ” Fact tells a reporter, this is well-known high-tech enterprises in shenzhen, in the second half of the default vendor payment of millions of yuan. But bosses avoid not to message back, don't answers the phone, is less likely to meet. So fact man united other supplier report, and then staged a scene of containment industrial park.

run 3: LED contagion: foshan ShuaiLiang LED lights manufacturer to play & other; Run & throughout;

3 November 8 PM, a well-known local web site posts: foshan city nanhai district danzao ShuaiLiang hardware products factory boss Xiong Chun has run. Posting one by the name of jian-wei luo, who claimed to be ShuaiLiang outstanding payment for goods suppliers, solicitation with suffering. Foshan lighting association secretary general zhang confirmed that ShuaiLiang for lamp association member, involved in LED lighting, the boss Xiong Chunque has gone. Zhang hua said: & other; This means that the industry crisis spread of shenzhen, zhongshan and other places to foshan, industry reshuffle has begun, is expected to nearly ten percent of foshan LED lighting enterprise facing bankruptcy. ”

as companies LED products currently rely more on the local government of municipal engineering in digestion, expensive prices make civil still out of reach, coupled with weak international market, export LED bulbs are not free. So from failures are inevitable.

but what about 2012, take a look at this year, in the form of European and American area economy begins to recover, the domestic LED lighting under the push of countries also got rapid development. Who can open the domestic market this year, who will be able to grab a slice of LED lighting industry in the country. Surveying of land science and technology has to vigorously develop the domestic market at the beginning of this year, are you ready?

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