LED industry scale development of the national standard is the key

by:Sehon     2020-09-27

how standard, with or without LED lighting standards, has been the industry hot topic. According to concerning sectional statistic, the lighting appliances standardization technical committee under centralized LED standard, has released the LED 11 national standards, industry standards 2 item; Are working on the LED to the national standard six, two industry standard; Involving the LED 25 items of relevant national standard, industry standard one. But how to make these standards play a proper role, need for industry to further efforts.

let LED national standard & other; Keep pace with The Times & throughout; Have to admit that the LED industry in China is still in the primary stage of development, about 80% of the product concentration in the landscape lighting, traffic lights, and other application market, general lighting market also in the promotion. By the end of 2011, China has LED more than 3000 enterprises, of which hundreds of millions of yuan output value of only 140. In the 140 companies, however, is not a product of the enterprise with annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan, and only a handful of several more than 500 million yuan. So our LED industry scale, standardized promotion still grip. Low threshold as a consequence, the enterprise of the good and bad are intermingled, disorderly mess inevitably lead to the development of industry cluster. Non-standard industrial development objectively is caused by market competition, but also need national macroeconomic regulation and control this & other; Invisible hand & throughout; To support and guide, such as the LED industry to promote rapid influence traditional lighting industry employment, central and local policy conflict, industry standards, testing and certification mechanism & other each other Fight throughout the &; , the national standards, industry standards and local standards and enterprise standards, local protectionism, etc. , even by the enterprise to & from other Mediation & throughout; I'm afraid not reality. In fact, the LED industry for large-scale promotion and the healthy development, must first have to establish a set of standards, with its national conditions, including national standards, technical standards, testing standards, certification standards, etc. , & other; No can be accomplished without norms or standards & throughout; Is this truth. Due to the lack of the LED industry recognized by the industry of the national standards, testing system also has not yet been established, not only caused by mixed in the LED industry enterprises, has also LED to the LED product quality the good and bad are intermingled, misleading advertising, such as the emergence of the phenomenon of unfair competition, caused the current of the LED industry disorderly competition and intensified. Reflect part enterprises, with the parameters of the two test equipment detected inconsistencies, reason is that the two test equipment used is not a standard, do not have a unified standard is the result of product quality, performance, and with. The development of LED industry in China must depend on the product standard and the guidance of national standards such as energy efficiency standard. Issued and implemented, of national standard and testing system is not only beneficial to the LED the improvement of product quality, service life, but also is advantageous to the heavy quality, heavy brand LED enterprises to expand market share, more conducive to have technical strength, the channel power LED enterprise bigger and stronger and LED industry technology upgrades. Standard unit value LED lighting international authentication standard unit UL on LED lighting applications, UL Chen Limin Asia development manager on December 11, pointed out that Taiwan LED factory good technology, choose the special lighting with high safety threshold will be Taiwan LED factory profit new blue ocean. It is reported that Taiwan has special experiment certification of the LED lighting assembly house Edison, JiHan crystal DianZhuan investment. LED by the backlight into the era of lighting, supply exceeds demand, the competition of prices all the way down the fact that many LED factory profit is difficult, however, Chen Limin said, LED lighting applications is not only the general lighting of the people's livelihood, with the characteristics of the LED used in lighting, the market is multivariate, but how to further business profit, choose market is the key. In Taiwan LED factory technical advantage, Chen Limin thinks, special lighting for the development of high safety threshold can earn a profit is a good choice, but also because of the high safety threshold, product testing for at least 6000 hours of waiting period, the first threshold let many enterprises the main cold feet. He thought, as long as the owners insist choose healthy profit model for a long time, special lighting will be Taiwan LED factory is a good choice. UL believes that the biggest characteristic is to use special lighting application environment is usually the public domain, and lighting time is long, its security verification standard is high, the terminal applications include, emergency lighting, stage lights, underwater lights, track lights, LED a group of instructions, path lighting, swimming pool, surface temperature, limited medical places lighting, etc. At present, the medical places lighting has been with international authentication standard LED lighting products including surgical lighting, jaundice light, infrared heat lamp, decorative lighting, laser.

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