LED industry will face two stage development bottleneck

by:Sehon     2020-11-06

across countries now LED industry development, developing countries already pushing the popularity of LED lighting, while Japan since the 311 earthquake, electricity crisis in Japan LED lighting market maturity coming early. In addition, some developing countries, such as some countries such as China, Mexico, Cuba and venezuela have been or will be banned incandescent lamp. Indications that LED industry outlook of huge, wide coverage. But every industry has its internal some hidden dangers, the LED industry is no exception. LED industry will face in the development process of two stage development bottleneck:

a: the price is too high, the market for products of cognitive factors, such as insufficient market penetration is difficult to break through the bottleneck, 20%

because of the price compared to the ordinary energy-saving lamps, LED lighting lamps and lanterns of the big gap between the upfront costs, LED lamps and lanterns is very difficult to popularize to home users. But as the LED production cost is reduced, prices of the national government subsidies to the series of LED lamps and lanterns, LED to break through the bottleneck should be soon, once across the bottleneck, the LED industry will enter a rapid growth period.

2: subject to the service life of the LED products for up to 20000 hours, only need to change about eight to ten years, under the influence of permeability when the market growth to 40%, could once again face replacement cycle is too long, makes the weak demand and fall into the predicament of the growth.

in the long term, incandescent light bulbs, LED lighting products were launched in the global government ban policy, coupled with the future new homes built in LED lighting, emerging markets such as China rural reconstruction lighting needs, and the urbanization pace of promoting LED advertising light boxes, aided by positive factors such as establishing LED lighting era is just around the corner!

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