LED lamps and lanterns will take off by means of supermarket platform

by:Sehon     2020-11-07

LED lamps now, technology already quite mature, instead of the original supermarket lighting with LED lamps and lanterns, on the one hand, for large supermarket the monthly electricity consumption of the unit, can save a lot of help the supermarket. Now, on the other hand, customer demand for the supermarket is not only confined to the shopping, the supermarket goods in addition to provide to people's needs, but also to create a suitable leisure atmosphere, make the customers enjoy shopping fun.

and LED lamps and lanterns in a supermarket instead of the original lighting lamps and lanterns of the status quo and the future will be how? Surveying of land science and technology to analyze: first, large foreign supermarket chains is given priority to with T5, still try to gradually promote the LED products. Late last year, LED lighting products have full 100 wal-mart in China. The application of LED lighting products, not only make wal-mart saves 50% of the lighting electricity, can also help wal-mart's environmental protection and energy saving. Second, the supermarket lighting market competition is intense. In what is now a sufficient lighting market competition environment, a little slack may encounter & other; Close-fitting overtaking & throughout; 。 Third, LED products, high barriers to entry, foreign supermarkets only value the quality of the product, not care about the price. Such a virtually set up entry barrier, will win some only in low price LED technology is not high quality enterprise stop outside the door. Large area in the supermarket this LED lamps and lanterns is in the near future, so the LED lamps and lanterns whether can the platform with the aid of the supermarket, to better display their own advantages and value? Can think surveying of land science and technology, the LED lamps and lanterns in a supermarket as more consumers are familiar with, open a way for the LED lamps and lanterns in homes.

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