LED light instead of sunlight, used as obvious

by:Sehon     2020-10-25

the application of LED lighting is becoming more and more widely, plant lighting, LED has obvious advantages. Because there is no sunshine in the garden, only the red and blue leds, vegetable growth speed is greatly increased.

a few days ago in Shanghai international semiconductor lighting application technology on the BBS, a new way of LED plant growth light vegetables are sunqiao modern NongYeYuan zone experimental use. The study found that, originally need 52 days to 60 days to grow lettuce, using LED plant growth light, mature just 20 days.

using photosynthesis of peak wavelength of light is the most economical way, for different kinds of vegetables and different growth stages, the required light spectrum is there are differences, this requires technical personnel timely dimmer. Lettuce, for example, when just kind of lettuce, cannot grow too high, the blue light will be more than red light, Conversely, in the later stages of the growth of lettuce, is long leaves, it will need a bit more red, less blue. Now researchers have found out the lettuce, celery, Chinese little greens such as Shanghai people eat some regularity of dimming leafy greens. At the same time, the researchers are experimenting with using leds to promote the growth of the rare plants such as ginseng, tin caulis dendrobii.

LED lights installed in vegetables which position is also a science. Side light suitable for some three-dimensional growth of vegetables, such as cucumber, etc. ; Top lighting is suitable for & other; Plane & throughout; Grow some vegetables, such as eggplants, lettuce, and at the bottom of the light is used to pour the long vegetables, compared to just wear long small tomato, backwards long small tomatoes have more advantages on nutrient transfer and plants grow better, under the action of light on the bottom, small tomatoes can naturally grow down.

the joint laboratory semiconductor lighting application of modern agriculture is still in testing a LED lights & other; The family farm & throughout; Equipment, grow lettuce cost about 10 yuan per 500 grams, is expected to promote to Shanghai in the family.

the above case it is not hard to see, LED lighting's achievements in agriculture and the development of the future is quite huge, surveying of land plants also dedicated to the study of science and technology LED lighting technology, the agricultural country in China, we believe that LED lighting will give both sides a good economic benefit.

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