LED light source in an uncertain future stalemate

by:Sehon     2020-11-11

recently Taiwan taichung city council decision, after review the budget will delete 79 million LED the news of the subsidies caused much attention. Congressman lee said, LED street light illumination is insufficient, the failure rate is very high, subsidies for street lamp maintenance after installation, did not achieve the purpose of saving money.

similarly, guangdong to promote public lighting in recent three years strongly questions, in the industry believe that regional forced replacement technology is not mature, LED lighting products of low technology content to let a person cannot not questioned. The bigger problem is that, the LED lighting products need to consume large amounts of non-ferrous metal resources, is not in conformity with the national policy of energy saving low carbon. So the LED used in public lighting has a certain risk.

faces an uncertain future of LED lighting industry should be developed to rethink how

after a few years ago an orgy of legacy of the LED lighting industry emerge unceasingly, the reshuffle period lasts until the middle of 2014, I'm afraid. Not in time to see if the LED lighting enterprise market environment, it is possible to follow the photovoltaic industry precedent.

suddenly, has been favored by the government and industry LED light source in the uncertain future of the deadlock. At the same time, from another point of view, after the chaos of the industry began to calm thinking about the LED light source in the future development direction.

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