LED lighting applications to import life there are still problems to be overcome

by:Sehon     2020-10-13

due to the leds in the device's physical properties difference, making the idea of light source system is very different from traditional design, need to have more technical and professional assistance.

LED bulb type design in relatively compact space, how to do the related circuit integration, must rely on integrated chip to achieve the design goals.

1, the optical design

LED light source belongs to the high efficiency point light source, the concentration of the light source, in the traditional application will have quite a lot of questions, for example, if the lamp will result in a close type of light is not symmetrical, even LED a broad color control flexibility, the energy efficiency performance is also quite good, but in living with lighting applications can affect use impressions, point light source must be through the optical lens or institutional design ( Lens, light material) To generate the traditional approximate the light type of lamps and lanterns, would increase the cost of the lamps and lanterns, in compact configuration design is difficult to break through the optical physical properties.

2, heat dissipation design

in the same way, the continuation of the LED component itself is a limitation of point light source, the component in the glowing when the temperature will be excessive concentration upon a single point, if not effective heat dissipation, cause components appear to burn, and even shorten service life. In addition to the component itself against heat strengthening design, for example, playing gold wire or loading board through the chip design techniques to improve, to achieve self cooling design, even so, the heat source will appear with excessive concentration in the condition of the dot position of lamps and lanterns, how to through the external components of active cooling and passive cooling design, to improve the processing capacity of node temperature control, this becomes relevant lamps and lanterns design technology gap.

3, drive and control circuit design

the actual application, the LED driver auxiliary light still needs a large number of electronic circuit, can achieve the goal of high efficiency, but for the incandescent lamp dimming design commonly, if also want to implement on the new LED light source, it should be carried out through the DC DC power supply control power supply adjustment, if consider energy consumption and utilization efficiency at the same time at this moment, will let the driver of the electronic circuit complexity, cause the system design is to take a large number of independent components of the discrete design problem, let whole save electricity consumed at the relevant circuit.

there are components manufacturers to adopt single chip control IC design, adjustable light without having to develop different lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns businesses cooperate circuit, using off-the-shelf solutions can achieve both contrast old light source operating experience, also can achieve a higher efficiency of the energy saving efficiency.

4, power conversion circuit design

LED generally adopt DC DC drive, but AC LED in actual applications, more elastic and advantages of application of so is a trend of developing the LED light source is important! Especially general life power source is AC power, if you want to quickly make the LED light source is pervasive in life application, development of the design of AC LED products, is a key to related application of rapid growth.

above all, to make it into life LED lighting lighting has a series of problems to be solved, as long as constantly improve their own industry in each aspect of the defect, LED lighting will soon dominate general lighting.

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