LED lighting brand big shrink with hundreds of three years

by:Sehon     2020-11-10

in the face of the future development situation, Lin Yisheng is expected, as the market evolution, the next three years, LED lighting industry shuffle the brutal period. When thousands of LED energy-saving lamp enterprises will only 100 or so left. And the cause of this situation is also in the LED lights in the future will be taking the path of intelligent control, if the small and medium-sized enterprises do not provide differentiated product, will find living space, to research and development strength and impact system integration ability of the enterprise and market.

LED lighting intelligent competition more reflected in future demand, and intelligent products is not only confined to & other; Light & throughout; Function, is not only change the luminosity, it communications, sensing, cloud computing, Internet and other modern technology is blended in among them, to achieve the effect of light is not only the light, which requires the production enterprise to have a strong technology research and development strength and the system integration ability. The LED lighting industry will be like the LED display industry facing reshuffle.

how to survive in the severe market competition are the major problems which should be considered. Foshan surveying of land carrying out technology development as the center in the science and technology, expanding distribution channels, to try to open the domestic brand market as soon as possible. We are ready, and you?

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