LED lighting civilian market attention, but still need to enterprise development continuously

by:Sehon     2020-10-10

LED lighting at present has been widely used in business and engineering, but inched civil market is a big cake. According to incomplete statistics, civil market if all use LED lighting, there will be hundreds of billions of market demand, this is a very large number, so, how to develop the civilian market, enterprises should do?

a: innovation technology attaches great importance to the billions of civil market

2012-2014 incandescent lamp cutoff in the world in order to disable the policy will be implemented, is expected to disappear completely after incandescent lamp in 2018. Industry insiders predict that LED lighting will be 3 years with blowout attitude into the ordinary life.

in the light of the policy is good, many enterprises from the strategic height adjustment plan for the civilian market. “ Incandescent light bulbs, originally expected to exit, first need to transition to the era of energy-saving lamps, feeling now jump directly to the energy-saving lamps, jump to the leds stage. ” Surveying of land science and technology, general manager, said & other; Although surveying of land science and technology are mainly composed of project products, but also in the adjustment strategy, production price higher civil market products. ”

and some enterprises have in technology breakthrough, to adjust LED civil design. Snow Wright market planning department Wei Zhiquan said, according to the national abandoned roadmap, released in 2015 incandescent lamp will exit the market completely. Snow Wright did good preparation in the civilian market, & other; We made a product for civilian market come out, appearance is the same as with incandescent lamp, only three, but more than 25 watt incandescent light. ”

mitsuo chief said, as early as 2005, 2006, began to develop civil household products, but has been no special attention, so in all aspects of the product, channel construction is not very ideal. But & other; At the end of last year set up the project department of household, launched this year will focus on home civil lighting LED series products. ”

2: LED MinYongHua break through the bottleneck is the key

although LED into the civilian market is the trend of The Times, on the LED industry development prospects, but there is still a problem. As is known to all, LED the promotion of the civilian market there are two difficulties: one is the technical difficulties. In encapsulation phase need to overcome several test, raw materials about high power LED, high power LED packaging technology, light color consistency, resulting in decreased yield more chip packages and not easy to achieve the consistency problem of light. The lack of core technology, has been LED into indoor lighting a big difficulty. The second is the price on the inherent limitations. LED to enter indoor lighting, replace the energy-saving lamps, must be dropped to below $per lumen to universal access. So despite & other; Beautiful, energy saving, long life & throughout; The advantages of, but many enterprises only & other; Paper & throughout; , will not develop civil market products, general home users basic LED lights cannot be seen.

in addition to the technology and price factors, some companies have said that LED into the civilian market step by step, not to do the LED market, LED to replace the energy-saving lamps are bound to walk many detours. Now already has this trend, many enterprises to sell LED products when turnip greens, production is inferior product, finally must let a person think the LED is bad product, incandescent lamp is the trend of that year.

on the other hand, an optimistic estimate LED lighting development accelerates the investment at home and abroad LED lighting process of upstream and downstream enterprises, state-owned, civilian capital have also entered the LED industry. LED lighting into & other; Suction gold & throughout; , capital intensive LED industry chain. Too much intensive investment was made in the past, a hierarchical, it is unfavorable to the development of industry. Semiconductor industry profit is very high, with the development of technology, many hierarchical enterprises will be eliminated, so the investment of the LED should not be blind, to keep a rational.

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