LED lighting civilian market share only 5% of the huge prospects for development

by:Sehon     2020-11-08

LED lighting civilian market share only 5% at present. The personage inside course of study says, LED lighting for domestic enterprises should develop domestic market as soon as possible, do a good job in market research, to produce more relevant products in the domestic market, the LED lighting products more close to the masses, is the way to success is more suitable for demand, the domestic market, especially the LED lighting market launch is regarded as the key to the sustainable development of industry.

Ministry of Science and Technology on May 7, issued the semiconductor lighting technology development & other; Five-year & throughout; Special planning ( Draft) ', by 2015, the large-scale MOCVD ( LED epitaxial wafer production) Equipment, key raw materials to achieve localization, 1/5 of the LED product cost reduced to 2011. Chinese and foreign experts agree that if chip localization of target can be achieved, LED lighting is expected to be big price cuts, huge civil market of China will accelerate the opening.

in light of Frankfurt exhibition co. , LTD & other; Looking for the LED industry throughout the spring &; Seminar ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Seminar & throughout; ) , Shanghai institute of lighting experts said that one of the main factors hampering the large-scale application of LED lighting products is price, while behind the high price is a core chip technology monopoly by foreign companies for the reality. “ Advantages of LED lights is very obvious, but why not spread up? ” The source analysis reasons: on the one hand, consumers are also not to accept the price, on the other hand, the lack of core technologies such as chip, causing domestic LED lighting lamps and lanterns is difficult to come down on the cost, and the reasons of slow development LED lighting civilian market.

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