LED lighting development, innovation, promotion, standard cannot little

by:Sehon     2020-10-18

in the case of some small and medium-sized business failures LED, concerned expert points out don't have to panic too much. 10% to 20% in the early years of the industry enterprises to exit the market is normal, shuffling integration is make blundering regression rational path LED industry.

shenzhen semiconductor lighting industry development, honorary President of association for the advancement of Wang Dianfu thinks, broad prospects for the development of visible LED industry, cannot use short-term market performance to determine whether overcapacity. In our country at present has formed in bohai sea, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta 3 large area of the LED industry cluster, and owns a group of outstanding leading enterprises. Compared to the widely circulated on the Internet & other; Excess capacity & throughout; 、“ Failures & throughout; Questions such as sound, the core technology research and development ability are relatively weak, patent deserves more attention, such as barriers and lack of industry standards, these really restricted the rapid development of LED industry in China.

China and application of semiconductor lighting/LED industry league secretary-general white jade hold the same view. She points out that the LED lighting industry is a typical high technology industry, high investment, high return, high risk and the characteristics of high-end talent; At the same time is more than a technology integration of industry, industrial chain is long, involved in semiconductor materials, optoelectronic devices, integrated circuits, new light source, lighting, and application and so on. Therefore, further intensify efforts to support the LED enterprises improve the ability of independent innovation, development, grasp the key technology. By the relevant state departments and local government technology projects to support, make many resources agglomeration semiconductor lighting technology innovation and product innovation. And enterprise technology center, the construction of innovation mechanism, to build the foundation for building technology innovation system. Strengthen the interactive industry chain, including material, chip making, encapsulation testing, power supply module, drive circuit, light source, lamps and lanterns and special equipment, instruments, and other links. In order to meet the market demand as the goal, increase the LED lighting application in various fields, to promote coordinated development of industries and applications. “ For the healthy development of LED industry, the government's policy support and application promotion, enterprise's technological innovation, the standards of the industry, one can't be little. ” White said.

interview, industry experts said China's LED industry competition pattern has many variables, but the capital, scale, technology, brand and marketing channel advantages of enterprises will become the main body of market integration. As long as adhere to the combination of government promotion and market operation, adhere to technological innovation and application demonstration, insist on the combination of cultivate emerging and transform the traditional, insist on the combination of enterprise and develop the support, the combination of the LED industry in China through hard can grab the commanding heights of industrial development, grasp the market competition of the international voice.

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