LED lighting development was top-heavy

by:Sehon     2020-10-12

in LED lighting industry structure adjustment has become an indisputable fact. Beijing commercial daily reporter recently learned that since the spring of this year, each big business enterprise of leds are manoeuvring, accelerated upgrade transformation. Concerned expert points out, the domestic LED industry existence & other; Upstream industry, downstream industry leading & throughout; Head light foot heavy model, and under this model, fierce price war is reversed transmission to the upstream enterprise transformation.

contrast corporate revenue and net profit that LED enterprises fight continues the price of last year, the industry structure upgrade, shuffling is accelerating. The distance photoelectric [ 3. 32% funding research to] Results show that in the first quarter, revenue of 35. 4 million yuan, year-on-year decline in 23. 59%, net profit of 10. 89 million yuan, year-on-year decline in 43. 65%. HuaCan photoelectric [ 0. 98% funding research to] Revenue of 43. 52 million yuan in the first quarter, year-on-year decline in 58. 19%, net profit of 17. 31 million yuan, year-on-year decline in 37. 11%. Like other bdo, [ 3. 38% funding research to] , dry as photoelectric [ 1. 27% funding research to] Enterprises, although in the first quarter revenue is slightly better, but the net profit is still falling, net profit of 43. 29 million yuan and 23. 67 million yuan, down 29. 53%, 27. 69%.

performance is not ideal, the enterprise is generally attributed to the irrational competition product market prices. The personage inside course of study thinks, in terms of the LED chip, in the first quarter of the price is still competitive, product unit price has been falling, leading to product sales growth, the current situation of the revenue and net profit double send.

in fact, the LED industry overcapacity is tangible. As early as in the LED development initial period, due to the huge government subsidies, industry had already appeared the tendency of excess. In addition, in recent years, more than market growth and investment growth further aggravated the problem of excess production capacity.

, a senior researcher at the cic consultant Xue Shengwen view, there is a LED industry in China & other Head light foot heavy & throughout; Backward ills, where the upstream industry and downstream industry leading. LED industry upstream basic need to import products epitaxial wafer, chip, chip production equipment also need to import, domestic enterprises is more of the cluster downstream packaging and application products. This makes the industry from the early stages of development, and upgrade to the middle downstream enterprise overcapacity consequences.

the development of LED lighting products in lighting industry in our country, it is an unprecedented speed. Industry development too fast also makes its LED products upgrading and structural adjustment to the rapid, the fast pace of change makes the dragon lighting, Andy photoelectric, bollen photoelectric in a crisis in the last year in succession. To this, in the [guangzhou - 7. 90%] Frankfurt exhibition co. , LTD. , general manager wu chung downstream business newspaper reporters in Beijing, as a landmark event in the global lighting industry in guangzhou lighting fair this year will be around the LED industry technology innovation, highlighting the concept of national energy conservation and environmental protection. This will also introduce Aladdin magic lamp, used to encourage practitioners independent innovation and technology research and development, especially in the field of the upstream chip, thereby promoting the development of industry.

according to the statistics data show that at the end of 2012 LED lighting product percent of pass is only 51%. This case, if the enterprise does not pay attention to product quality and technology research and development, is bound to be eliminated by the market. All grain photoelectric Lin Qingshou chairman also said, technology research and development and quality improvement will be the future based on the market of an enterprise. Yuan CDH photoelectric, said China gm wei-dong lv, besides quality and research and development, win-win cooperation also will be a direction of the enterprise development in the future. Companies through the formation of strategic cooperation, common channels, product advantage, market and create a win-win situation.

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