LED lighting energy saving, not only the visual effect is particularly important

by:Sehon     2020-10-06

is the development of science and technology of the hard conditions, design with soft power infiltrate into every corner of people's life. With the upgrading of lighting science and technology and the development of LED technology, LED lighting application are becoming more common in our daily life. How to research and development design a good LED lighting products, firmly attract customers attention, quickly seize market opportunities, become each lighting design workers scrambling to achieve.

at present, the application of LED lighting is given priority to with public facilities, airport, station, hotels, etc are all big LED lighting applications. Based on the new terminal building of chengdu airport lighting engineering as an example, discusses the airport lighting design of LED lamps and lanterns and the current demand and developing trend of engineering design.

saving energy is a constant pursuit of

on the premise of using LED light source, how to further improve the energy saving effect of lamps and lanterns again, is a new subject in front of us.

in the explosion of science and technology in the 21st century, the global political and economic changes rapidly, energy and climate problems happen to coincide to become a hot issue of the development focus, and the lighting is the intersection of the two problems. Ranked first in the list of energy consumption, lighting, accounts for about 25%. At present, the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other economic powers have introduced the traditional light source selection policy and popularization of LED lighting solutions, our country is not exceptional also, this year has released about incandescent bulbs will gradually banned public announcement.

on this problem, countries and enterprises to choose the direction of the lamps and lanterns is the same. The beginning of the many large lighting project has clear indoor lighting will use the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, so the operating costs of electricity cost can be greatly reduced. But, on the premise of using LED light source, how to further improve the energy saving effect of lamps and lanterns? This is a new topic in front of us, is also in the process of research and development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns design issues worthy of profound thinking.

at present, in the process of research and development of the design of the LED lamps and lanterns, almost all the design of the revolve around how to improve the main lighting in order to develop products. From the power supply design, test and analysis, to the selection, arrangement of the LED array, light to penetrate the fog degree requirements, even on the PCB printing the color of the font, the industry designer has been try our best to improve the luminous efficiency.

new chengdu airport terminal building lighting project for tube light products clearly put forward the choose LED lights & lighting ge; 110 lm/W, the whole lighting effect & ge; 65 lm/W, which is of a very high for indoor lamps and lanterns of indicators, and the LED light source development to the most recent one or two years to reach the technical level. In the end, the project chose circular embedded tube light, the light efficiency is as high as 73. 26 lm/W, beyond the requirements of more than 10%.

demanding requirements for lighting it is easy to understand, because a higher photosynthetic efficiency of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, means that the energy consumption can be further reduced. Circular embedded tube light, for example, chengdu airport was scheduled for 21 w, rated flux 1170 lm, the flux measured 1282. 08 lm, power only 17. 5 w, 3 is lower than the original 21 w. 5W。 Total number of 10000 sets of calculation to the whole airport lamps and lanterns, assuming lights for 12 hours a day on average, save electricity for 153300 KWH, equivalent to the local electricity of about 180000 yuan/year. But more importantly in this 180000 yuan a year behind the carbon emissions, environmental pollution and climate impact, for the companies and countries, has a more profound significance.

visual perception is the vital requirements

visual perception is not only including lighting light comfort, but also the exterior modelling of lamps and lanterns and installation details, etc.

the airport building lighting levels, in the national standard 'GB50043 - Building lighting design standard 'in 2004 with clear illumination, glare, and color rendering requirements. But for the customer, satisfy the requirements of the standard is not enough, only the actual lighting design must be closely combined with the nature of work in different areas of the building, the range of the crowd, factors such as building structure, to give customers good visual perception, recognition.

a good visual effect depends on the good overall lighting engineering design and lighting equipment excellent performance. In lighting design, the lamps and lanterns of each function area programme shall make a detailed simulation analysis, the use of lighting simulation software, respectively to different parts of the configuration of lamps and lanterns, type, luminous flux, and light distribution curve design. While meet the functional requirements, should also take into account details and humanization. Such as relatively spacious open space, to avoid the glare caused by the high number of lamps and lanterns of the ceiling, the hard article lamp can be used for side brightly illuminated; While resting places should use warm white moderate low power and intensity of illumination, make the light more even, soft, enhance people's comfort level.

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