LED lighting enterprise to develop, must rely on channels to grow

by:Sehon     2020-11-10

at present domestic market, LED energy-saving lamp enterprises channel mainly engineering contact channels and dealer channels. For all the OEM LED lighting enterprise, the channel layout is urgent. Some assert that 2013 years ago and distribution channels also have no relation, its development chance; The next three years, channels will determine the traditional lighting and LED lighting, the winner of the war.

1。 Channels of distribution through

use distribution, agents, joined, facing directly to the end customer. Because of a lack of dealer profitability and loyalty to control, if insufficient investment policy allure, or no profit in the short term, after joining dealers to evacuate or averse case everywhere.

2。 Engineering channel

to government, large commercial institutions, need to coordinate the relationship between the many. This requires that companies with solid strength, good government background, as well as the strong brand influence. All of these, however, for most domestic LED lighting enterprise, still can't touch the soft rib.

this year or the next two years, the enterprise itself is the main task of the development of channel. No channel companies cannot grow, no channel of enterprise is unable to long-term development. Dealers around surveying of land science and technology, development with dealers.

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