LED lighting enterprise to win in the battle for resources

by:Sehon     2020-10-06

in addition to thousands of lamps and lanterns of LED small businesses, the traditional business and international lighting manufacturers in the field of LED lighting, LED display manufacturers have been hiring to array. LED lighting is a piece of the red sea. The next year, LED lighting industry will usher in a battle of the field of LED lighting upstream can only survive for enterprise may but more than a dozen. Red sea battle, has sounded the horn.

in the red sea battle, how to win? The first condition of cost-effective, not only the consumers choose products, more become LED enterprise run-off.

don't do price butcher to do price definer

at present, from a consumer perspective, the obstacle is that the price of the largest markets in the LED lighting products. Therefore, analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, the LED lighting to have greater market is the price to a minimum.

such as galanz, notoriously price butcher's home appliance industry, but it's the price of the microwave oven to the global minimum, seem to also have no dead, but sell the best global companies into microwave oven. In the process of penetrating the market development, the price war is evidence of a killer repeatedly for a time.

  “ Now the domestic market, which products market fight between final foothold is not competing on price? ” MLS Co. , Ltd. , chairman of Sun Qing haun said on television, the major such as TCL, konka, changhong TV product price is very competitive. In the same class of comparable products competition, finally turn to compete on price, the price can be the advantage of the enterprise. Like apple mobile phone, however, because of other brand mobile phones with apple comparability between small, nature of competitive advantage is not obvious on the price. ”

with a keen eye, wood Tomlinson revolution spearheaded the leds parity, for part of the LED bulb and pricing LEDT8 light pipe greatly, pricing by more than 40% of high-end LED light source will enter the $1 times, struck in the industry. And wood Tomlinson 3 w LED bulb light for dealer's price is 8 yuan, dealers in terminal sales prices almost 14 yuan, wood Tomlinson 3 w bulb light price is already very close to the price of 5 w energy-saving lamps on the market. The 5 w energy-saving lamp has a threat, and quickly occupied the lighting market.

the price of the washing machine can't be down to the price of cabbage, the price of the car can't go to the price of the chopsticks, in some ways, what will have a price. “ Our wood Tomlinson is to produce cost-effective products, we pursue quantity, such as standardization, makes every effort to do the leader on the price of LED products. ” MLS Co. , Ltd. , chairman of Sun Qing haun said with assurance.

in the past, the common definition to absorb dome light, leishi by defining the lamp cup and transformers, mitsuo by defining a ballast, to enter the public view. And fluorescent tube, T8 tubes, is actually made up of foshan lighting, lighting companies such as philips to redefine, philips define high-end price line, foshan lighting definition mid-range price line and began to spread T8 tubes and fluorescent tubes. From the traditional lighting industry development rule 1 - in the future 2 years, there must be a LED lighting enterprise or traditional lighting LED products in the field of enterprise to define a category, which began to popularize LED lighting. There is no doubt that wood Tomlinson is wants to set up the ball bubble lamp brand, define LED products price, to get into the public view. Do do first, dare to price advantage from the resident, I'm afraid the wood Tomlinson.

don't do 3 without the product to do the preferred product

the current in the LED industry, the profit a little more than traditional lighting products, especially in the domestic terminal channels, plus there is no unified national standards and related institutions to supervise, resulting in a large number of mill type small businesses have sprung up growing in the industry cluster base. But the mill is of no quality LED products.

in addition, some enterprises in order to win the market with price, even reduce the quality of the product. Gust LED quality gate events this year, guangdong province, guangdong province pledges inspect bureau was announced after the ballast LED lights provincial special product quality supervision and spot check, according to the results of 23 batches from ballast LED in selectiving examination, inspection unqualified 17 batches, fraction defective is as high as 73. 9%.

  “ Devotion to the price, it is easy to ignore the quality completely, is equal to do is 3 without the product. But our wood Tomlinson on make cost-effective products, we have to under the condition of the same product quality, do the sale of our products is the first choice, is the first choice for consumer products. ” MLS Co. , Ltd. , chairman of Sun Qing haun said resolutely.

beginning see gold, ebb tide in LED the sea battle, LED enterprises with high cost performance products will go further.

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