LED lighting enterprise way out is to spell technology rather than price

by:Sehon     2020-10-25

throughout the domestic LED lighting markets, because of the country's great efforts and support in the industry that a consensus for LED lighting, many small businesses, small workshops, thus LED to the current situation of the LED lighting market is random. We can be seen from the domestic LED market in 2011, many small businesses in the LED industry will face hard competition situation, although can in big enterprises, lighting market still have a good rest after the market, but still need to be careful in the face of the future of the industry reshuffle, and in 2012 countries to disable the application of traditional light bulb brought business opportunities. Those who are stronger and technology vendors will have a better life.

in the civilian market has not yet started at the present stage, in view of the government procurement standards, some enterprises think that standard is too high, in the industrial chain of small and medium-sized enterprises will be bad. In response, the Chinese LED is introduced & other; Specification & throughout; Rather than & other; Standard & throughout; Now, the reason is that the LED progress too fast, China changes a standard from the proposal to the final two years, and now the LED growth, every six months there will be a big change, will give a change in one year. Now countries are to specification, not a concept of market access, to participate in government bidding, will conform to the specifications. So this is instructive.

high standards can guide enterprises to make investment in the upstream chip, however, that in the LED industry has a strong strength of enterprises, however, did not intend to upstream investment.

investment chip, first need hard intellectual property negotiations, the second need a lot of money, the third needs complicated equipment. Besides must have a certain financial strength, and other multiple bottlenecks to overcome. From the point of boe, even with such a policy, although later can also find and appropriate cooperation between upstream, but also not easy to push upstream and upstream technical barriers and capital barriers is too big, after all.

it can be seen that LED to the future development direction is not spell price, just spell quality, spelling a server, who is now at a low price to occupy the market the enterprise will not get long-term development, so, as we must from their own good, to ensure good product quality, to industry when the rectification to don't back out, can go further.

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