LED lighting enterprises to export strategy and development in our country

by:Sehon     2020-10-15

in the current economic stimulus policies in our country, our country has many times will be listed as key development industry, light industry and optical lighting technology to important lighting technology and standard innovation policy, taxation, financing, prior purchasing support of key projects, with independent intellectual property rights of lighting technical advantage enterprises vigorously support, focus on technology focused on LED lighting. Especially after 30 years of development, China's LED industry has initially formed a relatively complete industrial chain.

LED industry after buy components, chip, after buying the road of epitaxial wafer has independent production of epitaxial wafer and chip was preliminarily realized. China industry network data show that the present stage, the number of people engaged in this industry for more than 50 people, research institute, more than 20, more than 4000 enterprises, among them more than about 50 upstream enterprises, more than about 1000 packaging companies, more than about 3000 enterprises downstream applications. In 2009, LED industry output value reached 185. 500 million yuan, including 12 of packaging industry output value. 500 million yuan. Our LED export occupies a large share in the world market, especially in recent years, the growth trend of rising year by year. According to the survey, our own raw materials, low labor costs, the absolute best, are the main places of purchasing LED products around the world. Can now compete with leds in our country exports countries only the United States, Japan and other countries, with the expansion of the scope of global LED promotion, market competition is fierce. In manufacturing industry developed regions such as the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, more and more companies involved in the LED's export competition.

the sales channel of decision-making and management occupies an important position in the marketing mix. As Bridges and coupling of producers and consumers, reasonable distribution channels can ensure the product in the proper time, proper place at appropriate prices to the target customers, thus make effective distribution channel strategy is of great significance.

in the current economic environment, China's foreign trade development strategy in the new period to the scientific outlook on development as guidance, thoroughly change the traditional export as the primary goal of extensive foreign trade development strategy, from the focus on the trade surplus to balance of trade, turned their attention from trade to increase productivity, promote the international competitiveness of trade oriented strategic shift.

all in all, with China's growing international competitive power of LED lighting products, in the future, should be more inclined to core competence by improving the industry to enhance the international competitiveness of the product. In core technology breakthrough industry at the same time, also want to understand the status quo of the imbalance in China's economic development and Labour unlimited supply of resources endowment, develop the labor-intensive LED lighting manufacturing enterprises, continue to maintain the international competitive advantage on the product in our country.

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