LED lighting era is about to open ~ enterprise product investment opportunities

by:Sehon     2020-11-03

electric light source through the thermal radiation light source, gas discharge light source, electroluminescent light three generations. A typical representative of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and LED respectively. LED because of its small size, color is rich, easy to control, the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection for a wide range of identity. With the progress of technology, cost down, its replace traditional light source economy increasingly prominent. LED lighting era will open soon.

the global LED lights, and Japan to become general lighting pole

from a global perspective, the core of LED technology and patent technology in international giant hands. In the backdrop of the global energy conservation and emissions reduction, countries have launched the incandescent light bulb disable plan and LED promotion plan. Especially is Japan, in 3. 11 earthquake, because energy tension, LED the permeability of all of a sudden, become the model of LED general lighting applications.

policy power, the next four annual compound growth rate could reach 40%

the Chinese government since 2003 to promote LED bulbs related work, a lot of support policies. The LED industry chain of each link are developed in China, as & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning, and support policies in guangdong province, the next four annual compound growth rate could reach 40%.

the LED industry chain investment logic

( 1) Sapphire, MO source upstream raw materials, such as no investment targets, pay attention to the listed companies;

( 2) Middle reaches chip structural surplus, focus on high power, the white light chip manufacturers;

( 3) Downstream encapsulation of lay particular stress on the white light, COB manufacturers;

( 4) Applied numerous manufacturers, have channel advantages and policy benefit obvious manufacturers;

( 5) LED equipment instrument industry, less investment target, advice to focus on the upcoming production line equipment manufacturers.

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