LED lighting how to realize transformation and upgrading by means of 'Internet +'

by:Sehon     2020-10-08

since the premier li keqiang made in his government work report, & other; Internet + & throughout; Then the country. At that time, the city was filled with & other; Internet + & throughout; 。 “ Internet + & throughout; Tuyere, the timing of the Ann in lighting industry? How to rely on & other; Internet + & throughout; Countries to carry out the strategy, finish the transition to qualify? Become the most important lesson nowadays lighting industry.

don't follow blindly follow a clear positioning for the primary

Internet + & throughout; Is the trend, is put forward by the national level to carry out the strategy, but together, blindly into the Internet, not only cannot borrow energetic force, instead of gutter capsize. Now lighting professional is to distinguish who is the first professional enterprise of livelihood value, the Internet can't save waste the life of the enterprise, can only let them die faster. What is a valuable business? Have the skills, talent and brand, making way, is of great value to the team, these companies consider the Internet still have some value.

I exist for who? I somehow exists for who? Compared with the same so positioning competitors, where is my advantage and short board? Such a position might happen in the shopping mall will be enough to support me to continue? Under this position, what can I use the Internet, to add my competitiveness? What I do object is also on the Internet? From the above conditions, for the Internet and the Internet, are torn.

lighting professional should actively to find and with the advantages of the Internet, take it away before any other big competitors, add itself enterprise growth and even beyond the timing of the big rival. Catch & lsquo; Internet + & rsquo; Can't ignore the network marketing, the business has accurate positioning, especially for precise positioning of the mobile Internet marketing, alignment with customers, to complete the online consumer to offline customers, establishing the website of volume force and marketing force, to establish perfect operation team building. Through the network marketing, the brand was improved, and make your own brand in professional must influence, lead to promote professional development.

light for lighting, chairman, said zhou TanYu.

now LED electric business enterprise does not take into account the consumer, now have not seen the success stories of the O2O. How to find a better way of sale? I think that, in the lighting enterprise in our country are too wide, too much energy and follow suit, lead to can't become a professional leading brand. In this case, I think that, get the subdivided market is king, want to change the traditional ideas, enhance cooperation with a new way to talents become bigger and stronger. Localization of overseas enterprises to do, I think the first thing to depth considering local strategic requirements, in accordance with local and any requirements.

into Internet ideas

to turn & other; Internet + & throughout; Channel, the understanding of the important Internet.

LeiJunZeng said: & other; Today we may have thought to the transformation of the Internet is just more electricity, electricity indeed improve the benefit of way, but more important is to use the Internet to equip yourself. Not put the product on the Internet is the Internet company, to do things with the thought of the Internet. ”

pursuing breaking skills to meet the Internet s

the Internet s, in addition to marketing new pattern of Internet thought, main demand skills more support.

for lighting companies, and other Internet + & throughout; Idea should first consider the question is: how to make different consumers will home lighting products, such as bulb, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, switch, and a variety of natural ground couplet network, sensing equipment for various control device ( Including mobile phones) Manipulation.

in other words, lighting and its derivatives is selected and complete the wireless connection skill. As for more upper cloud access, cloud service, this is not a specialty lighting enterprise, shall be given to the Internet company to complete.

all kinds of skills are constantly develop and perfect, it is permanent. About lighting enterprise, selection of sophisticated, reliable, and through an examination of interconnected skills are more correct selection. ”

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