LED lighting in the breakthrough of our country

by:Sehon     2020-10-08

for 2007 to 2008, has just entered the LED lighting industry companies, the most concerned about is when it's time to heat up the industry, from large capital inflows LED lighting market in 2009, rumors that excess capacity in 2010 and 2011, some claim is the first year of LED lighting, in 2012, the industry is looking forward to the outbreak of the obvious amount did not appear, the LED lighting market is after several twists and turns, but because of the government's high attention, the industry enterprise of capital investment, also let the LED lighting industry got the unprecedented rapid development.

LED lighting according to the national laboratory in San Diego do cost analysis, investment cost is the cost of buying per a light bulb, Per Megabyte lumens) Contribution to the whole life cycle, operation cost is to point to a light bulb at runtime to costs, Per Megabyte lumens) 。 Cost of ownership is the sum of the investment cost and operation cost. Reflects a light bulb from purchase, operation to terminate the entire life cycle of the total cost of life.

LED the initial investment cost is high, the running cost is lower than incandescent lamp, the total cost of ownership is still higher than incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. By 2012 leds have cost down to zero. Is $77 / trillion lumens, will be under $1 / trillion lumens of fluorescent lamp, LED the forecast to 2020 cost of ownership will drop to zero. $48 lumens, only half fluorescent lamp.

in addition to the LED the reducing of the cost of ownership, policy is undoubtedly the best LED lighting industry boosters. In February 2012, the National Development and Reform Commission issued in 2012 semiconductor lighting products subsidies to promote project tender announcement, a project subject to tender, including type of indoor lighting LED tube light, launch the ballast LED lights, a total of 50 bidding enterprise; And outdoor lighting of the LED street light, LED tunnel lights and other LED lighting products a total of 30 the winning companies. In the same year in July, the national Ministry of Science and Technology created the semiconductor lighting technology development & other; Five-year & throughout; Special planning, to further accelerate the development of semiconductor lighting technology and industry innovation, at the same time, the guangdong province issued about the LED industry development in guangdong province & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning, application projects can obtain 50 million funding.

' From incandescent bulbs to ban as a start, we all don't think how much impact will be originally, because the eu has performed as early as 2012, think that China's progress will be more slowly, but now, it seems, is not the case. As the incandescent light bulb ban, tender and subsidy scheme, the three ministries and commissions of the state to local government policy response, given the industry a clear signal that countries are leading period moved forward to the application of LED industry in China, and began to support the launch of the pace of the rapid development of LED lighting industry. ” SONY light wen-zheng luo general told reporters: & other; And we noticed as several big lighting international giants, such as philips, osram has also begun to layout LED production base in China, for capital investment. LED lighting industry development situation of our country, in the current international situation down, 'said relatively well & throughout; 。

' But, we have to pay close attention to such a signal, is the country of CFL recycling mechanism was proposed to build this year. As is known to all, energy-saving lamps with mercury, improper handling can cause serious pollution to groundwater and soil, through policy subsidies in recent years, there are a number of energy-saving lamps into the market, sales, use, throw away, but never mentioned how to recycling. Specifically recycling energy-saving lamps, but now, the country that recovery may have such two cases, one is looking for a special recycling manufacturers, recycling a CFL, recycling enterprise how much money can get subsidies; 2 it is to let production energy-saving lamps manufacturers recycling their energy-saving lamps, to each enterprise or government to impose a certain amount of recycling fees. Due to environmental governance cost investment is needed, this indirect adds to the cost of energy-saving lamps, so, in the LED price to the almost, can ban ahead of energy-saving lamps? ” SONY light rowan is reporter explained: general & other; National policies, some often implied a lot of important information, manufacturers must make full use of the information, analyze market situation & throughout; 。

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