LED lighting industry development prospects

by:Sehon     2020-10-09

2012 to engaged in light-emitting diodes, 领导) Industry companies, has a different level of feeling, generally engaged in LED lighting manufacturers are feeling a chill, the growth of sales and prices fall speed proportion, although the price has to the brink of cost, quality, don't lose international companies but is not sell, lead to inventory more tight, corporate finance, sales channels, instead of on the market of lamps and lanterns, LED sales continue to grow, the proportion of and profit growth of 50% a year, this represent? The personage inside course of study for the LED industry development prospects are looking forward to?

marketing way LED lighting output growth is

looking forward to 2013, the new into the LED lighting industry manufacturers, to grasp the lighting market access, must learn to use new pathways, such as the Internet, or word of mouth marketing; Traditional win access to services and intensity, the network shopping and word of mouth marketing is a good way to break through the existing pathways, especially the word of mouth marketing. Because of the LED source for new product, and television media, policies to encourage or environmental protection consciousness, consumers will very high, but because of the LED light source on the market quality good and bad are intermingled, so has deterred consumers, and if the word of mouth or celebrity's recommendations, believe that can cause a buy a whirlwind.

on the other hand, the LED lighting source industry must give up the thinking of the electronics industry. LED lighting source industry mostly, semiconductor and electronic industry with the strict quality concept and the development spirit, but the lighting industry customers are lighting designer or architect, the definition of the light is different. Although defined as a energy, it is easy to use Numbers to come out, this is also how many electronics companies like, only defined specifications and measurement standards, regardless of the actual installed effect; But actual light projection lighting industry use see effect, so if you want to master the lighting industry, relevant personnel shall be combined with aesthetic feeling and space concept, and these are not Numbers.

LED lighting has become a trend and agitation, vendor at intersections, elders in the home, or on TV topics are talking about the LED, LED lighting is overwhelming. But at this stage the LED industry into an integrated period, this is actually a good thing, after all, since 2011, the LED industry has been depressed for a period of time, although in 2013 is expected to lower the straight down type backlight lift overall demand, but the LED lighting is the focus of the future.

according to the royal philips announced 2012 Q3 earnings, LED only accounted for 25% of total revenue, but increased to 50% by the year 2015, this shows that LED lighting is a very big market.

LED lighting market is worth looking forward to

green lighting lighting industry has become a developing trend, the sunlight illumination of micro mercury energy-saving lamps and LED lighting products projects are meet the trend of the development of green lighting industry. Recently, the sun lighting board approval on the part of the change to raise funds investment project bill, the bill is meant to 2011 stock non-public offering investment gold project & one of the other; Micro mercury industrialization project of environmental protection energy-saving lamps & throughout; Part of the change & other; Annual output of 20 million ( Set) LED lighting products industrialization project & throughout; 。 The bill will be submitted to the shareholders meeting on Thursday.

recently, issued by the ministry of industry and China gradually reduce fluorescent roadmap for mercury content in the draft, requirements gradually cut mercury levels, comprehensive selection of liquid mercury production process. Threshold increased energy-saving lamp industry, some small businesses due to the limited funds, technical strength, will be difficult to timely complete the conversion of liquid to solid mercury mercury process, fluorescent lamp production and future orders will be centered to the large factory with technology is relatively mature, industry concentration is expected to increase.

there is a market analysts believe that the sunshine lighting years ago began to solid mercury technology transformation, now already all achieve solid mercury process, long-term benefit from the industry standard changes brought by the industry concentration increased, the overall market share is expected to increase.

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