LED lighting industry fiscal subsidy is thrust or psychological dependence

by:Sehon     2020-10-08

in the situation of the economic downturn, the Chinese government's heavy push a new round of stimulus to & other; Steady growth & throughout; 。 In addition to restart the infrastructure investment, stimulate consumption is another key measures. Tens of billions of dollars of subsidies to various industries, with & other Energy conservation and environmental protection & throughout; And & other Huimin & throughout; , in the name of the benefit of the industry and will have a party.

such stimulus is often used, but the real consumption of the drive, the role of the economic structure adjustment, the government never do specific assessment, the efficiency of the use of public funds and supervision is also impossible.

in fact, in 2008, has issued a series of & other; Industrial revitalization plan & throughout; As well as the huge fiscal subsidies and other Three engineering & throughout; , the effect is not ideal. The fiscal subsidy policy, from industry likely boost the purpose for the development of innovation, fall into mental dependence on opium.

' As a free lunch & throughout;

for home appliances and automotive industries, financial subsidies is a & other; In Hong Kong & throughout; Because the fiscal subsidy policies introduced during the financial crisis in 2008 has just expired, the new round again.

' In the past few years, we are all in the repeat thinking about the problem: subsidy policy is cancelled? ” Konka group, one of the marketers told this newspaper reporters. This, he again feel relaxed.

on May 16, the State Council executive meeting decided to arrange financial subsidies of 26. 5 billion yuan, started to promote energy-saving standard air conditioning, flat-screen televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and water heaters, promotion period tentatively a year; A total of 2. 2 billion yuan to support to promote energy-saving lamps and LED lamp; A total of 6 billion yuan to support promotion of 1. 6 litres and fuel-efficient cars; A total of 1. 6 billion yuan to support promotion of efficient motor.

according to subsidies has introduced several industry rules, the form of subsidies is price subsidies, namely, on the basis of the actual transaction price subsidies to the buyer. Is price subsidies subsidies in & other; Dark repair & throughout; , subsidies amount by selling enterprise first commonly, again by sales invoice and relevant certificates to receive subsidies.

from the details, starting from June 1, consumers to buy secondary constant speed and frequency conversion air conditioning, flat-screen TVS can enjoy highest 400 yuan subsidy. If it's cars & other; To old change new & throughout; It is a 1. 80000 yuan subsidy.

in addition to the price direct subsidies, entitled to duty exemption or reduction is also another way of consumer subsidies. In the field of new energy vehicles, based on the old subsidy policy and introduced a new subsidy policy, the new policy, from 2011 to 2020, buy pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid cars will be exempted from vehicle purchase tax; In terms of fuel-efficient cars, from 2011 to 2015, the relation between hybrid vehicle purchase tax, consumption tax and the car will halve.

and relative to & other; Dark repair & throughout; For energy conservation and environmental protection industry & other Ming fill & throughout; For the development of industry of worse, namely direct financial subsidies to the industry upstream link.

in new energy and & other; Green throughout the company &; Halo in the enterprise, the subsidy amount and even become many enterprises at present the main profit source. Local governments in the slogan of industrial upgrading, a large number of subsidies to the new energy and new technology industry

in the LED industry, for example, three security photoelectric and bdo, presumably get subsidies at most two enterprises at present, the two companies in 2011 net profit growth rate have both exceeded 100%, among them, the government subsidies for three Ann photoelectric net profit contribution rate reached 90%, bdo leap up to 79%.

bdo, operating profits in 2011 to 1. 4. 6 billion yuan, and profit total of 4. 5. 2 billion yuan. Among them, about $300 million profit for the subsidiary wuhu bdo embellish da, yangzhou bdo photoelectric receive government & other; Science and technology three & throughout; Subsidies, and wuhu bdo, obtain a high and new technology enterprise authentication results in the decrease of income tax rate, less compared to the same pay for 27. 63%. The three photoelectric (Ann Including its subsidiary) 2011 won 13 of fiscal subsidies, subsidies amount to 18. 0. 2 billion yuan.

subsidies for businesses that various forms, including financial subsidies, financial incentives and special support fund, loan interest subsidies, equipment and coal, etc.

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