LED lighting industry order lack of national standard

by:Sehon     2020-11-01

recently, the guangdong province pledges inspect bureau released since the ballast LED lights in guangdong province special provincial product quality supervision and spot check result. Sampling, according to the results of 23 batches from ballast LED in selectiving examination, inspection unqualified 17 batches, fraction defective is as high as 73. 9%. Learned, unqualified project involves protection of accidental contact with live parts, wet processing after the insulation resistance and dielectric strength, mechanical strength and failure state, chromaticity tolerance, general color rendering index, disturbance voltage, lamp power, heat resistance, compatibility, power factor, initial/luminous flux, fireproof and flameproof lighting project. Data show that the LED product failure is due to core parts - 70% - - Drive power supply problems.

news about LED lighting products to detect unqualified, recently has been appeared many times. As lighting development inevitable trend, the national policy vigorously support and the project, LED why lots of quality problems? Traced back, LED lighting, the lack of standards is the key. From the power supply to the finished product, LED lighting has a set of standard system, the more there is no mandatory testing certification requirements, is the enterprise do you want to completely dry, quality can't be good.

to the healthy development of LED industry, cannot leave the product standards and technical regulation. In the lighting industry, foundry phenomenon is very serious, including many big brands have a large number of OEM. Including philips, osram, leishi lighting and other international brands have contract phenomenon. Some big brand OEM close to ninety percent for a time. The contract itself is not wrong, but contract is likely to lead to enterprises to contract control problems. Reason for the brand product problems is not a contract mode, but the brand enterprises in the acceptance of contract products link. If brand enterprise sent a long-term presence in the contract, contract supervision and inspection of the production process, there is a problem can timely detection, timely rework, unqualified products are rejected, so basically can prevent unqualified products in the process of contract.

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