LED lighting into the common market of 2013 industry trends?

by:Sehon     2020-10-04

recently, 'semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry planning'. Mentioned in the 'planning', to the global lighting market will be more than $150 billion in 2020, LED lighting market is expected to reach $75 billion. Application in the future, will gradually mature technology, energy saving effect obvious LED lighting products, prioritize indoor commercial lighting products and systems, and actively promote public outdoor lighting products and systems, timely promoting household lighting products, actively support innovation in the field of automotive, agriculture, medical and other applications. The domestic and foreign companies to invest in China LED industry chain since 2009, LED lighting long-term growth prospects have attracted many enterprises to join China's LED industry. According to the data statistics, as of mid - 2012, accounting for about 90% of the world's giant international LED LED supply chain has carried on the massive investment to China, and Chinese enterprises in the LED lighting industry chain is about 408 billion yuan investment ( Yuan, hereinafter the same) 。 Among them, the upstream chip investment is 196 billion yuan, nearly half of lighting investment. According to upstream epitaxial wafer and chip with the largest equipment suppliers get order cross contrast found that from Asia, especially China's strong MOCVD equipment needs has peaked in 2011, the second quarter.

in mainland China, due to the government's policy support and subsidies, has lifted a MOCVD investment boom, the most typical is the anhui wuhu and yangzhou.

in 2010, wuhu in anhui province issued 'about several policy, promote the development of LED industry, clear enterprise purchase reached the international advanced level LED epitaxial wafer production with more than 50 sets of MOCVD equipment, and the chips and encapsulation, application, product research and development and manufacturing, and other relevant industries in wuhu investment production, according to the blue and green light MOCVD equipment ( Limited machine and over 55) Each is highest do not exceed 12 million yuan, red yellow MOCVD equipment ( Limited machine and over 55) Each is highest do not exceed 9. 6 million yuan standards, research and development grant one-time subsidies support.

so good policy, make three Ann photoelectric and bdo, the heart also move the line, three security venture subsidiary anhui Ann photoelectric co. , LTD. , bought 104 sets, and bdo, a joint venture of 3 h semiconductor 50 sets. And as of the beginning of 2012, jiangsu yangzhou epitaxial chips enterprise MOCVD machines installed capacity, also in government & other; Usury & throughout; Installed under 148 units, second only to anhui wuhu.

in addition, the development of lighting ( Xiamen) Photoelectric co. , LTD. , co. , ltd. and guangdong DE force from Veeco company recently ordered many sets of MOCVD equipment, expansion plan for 2013. In jiangsu sheng sheng photoelectric equipment in the semiconductor equipment co. , LTD. , a wholly owned subsidiary, Shanghai) Successful shipping co. , LTD. , and in the end of last year the world's advanced level of China's first with large domestic MOCVD equipment, realize the localization of MOCVD. The indications are that of MOCVD equipment investment, make the production capacity can not get timely digest, this year's surplus situation will continue.

LED lighting into the general market step by step under the policy and enterprise promotion, LED lighting industry into the general lighting market step by step, and open the general lighting market breakthrough to breakthrough in LED commercial lighting market. Before, according to wal-mart development department senior engineering director Liang Jingsi wal-mart stores ordinary average annual power consumption of about 6 million degrees, the new environmental protection and energy saving shop a year can reduce the power consumption of more than 100 degrees. Under the global energy crisis, electricity surged form, under the trend of energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, LED commercial lighting engineering will lead to huge market space for the LED lighting industry.

2013 led industry: price or value of the war? In 2012, destined for the LED industry extraordinary one year. For three positive policy releasing, the LED industry, promote the promotion of new industrial LED lighting popularity warming; Predictable broad market space, make the LED companies power as well as the transformation of traditional lighting companies; Chaos, chaos of quality, standard, etc let industry & other; Miscellaneous diseases cluster & throughout; And at the same time, closed the door slam shut, inventory backlog, project production, financing for some companies such as struggling. In 2012, faced with such industry environment, for is for LED enterprises, fierce price war seems to be a important form of market competition. In January 2012, a rectangular lighting lighting products price from 70 yuan to 50 yuan. Since then, the price again from 50 yuan to 30 yuan. After fighting pack, then 2013, capacity and price for the LED industry and development? Continue the price war is to continue to heat, it is possible to pay more attention to product quality and brand & other; Value throughout war &; ?

as a consumer, one of the first to feel the product features high cost performance products more attractive to consumers, but also conducive to the LED lighting products into the field of general lighting; Relative absolute high price product can make mass on the products and consumers. As a result, 2013 led lighting products price for market development is still a double-edged sword. But as the MOCVD to realize the localization and chip manufacturing technology to improve the foreseeable 2013 LED chip prices continue falling, 2012 industry overcapacity will also promote the LED the integration of the supply chain structure. So how to find the price balance LED lighting market, how to deal with & other; Price & throughout; As well as play & other; Value throughout war &; , I believe in the heart of every LED entrepreneurs have their own answers.

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