LED lighting into the indoor lighting market conditions

by:Sehon     2020-10-31

with the rapid development of LED technology and the gradual improvement of the LED lighting, LED application will be more and more widely. With global energy shortage problem increasingly serious, in particular, people pay more and more attention to the development prospects of the LED in lighting market, the LED will be replace incandescent lamp, the potential of tungsten filament lamp and fluorescent lamp light source. In addition, in terms of interior design of lamps and lanterns, the LED will incline to energy conservation, human nature and art.

all round the world LED industry development, the present stage of LED outdoor lighting and landscape lighting have been relatively mature, but on the other hand, LED indoor lighting is still in its infancy in many countries, especially in our country. But as the country issued & other; To phase out incandescent light bulb roadmap & throughout; After, I believe that in the next few years, the development of LED indoor lighting will be an explosive leap. The prospect of LED indoor lighting will be unprecedented good before the meeting.

LED lighting to large-scale enter indoor lighting market, the following conditions is essential.

1。 LED lamps and lanterns to improve photosynthetic efficiency on low colour temperature below 4000 K of low colour temperature is usually the first choice for indoor home lighting. Warm Bai Guangling whole environment more warm and relaxed; And cold Bai Guangze clean, efficient and bright feeling to the person, more suitable for office and outdoor lighting.

2。 LED lamps and lanterns, prolong service life, improve the system reliability. In general lighting applications, LED the overall efficiency, service life and reliability must be through the system optimization to ascend.

3。 LED light source: compact, high efficiency, has a variety of colors and the output power to choose from.

4。 Power conversion: converts alternating current (ac), batteries and other power efficient safe low voltage, constant current power supply.

5。 Control and drive: use electronic circuit realization LED constant current drive and control.

6。 Thermal management: if you want to achieve a longer service life, LED node temperature control is very important, thermal analysis is also indispensable.

7。 Optical element: lens, reflector, or guide plate material is to focus light on the target area for the required optical element.

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