LED lighting is from concept to reality

by:Sehon     2020-10-06

from the mall to the rolling DengQiang ladder of scattered light to LED, as well as the high-grade goods, such as jewelry, watches, such as desk lamp, lighting even in stores, all kinds of LED lights is also changing. Not only shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and other large public building also happened that things change.

commercial lighting fast to carry out the

LED is a new light source, has a strong vitality is closely related to our day.

our country's commercial LED lighting market is from concept to real application.

now can say LED light source can be seen everywhere. Whether mobile phones, TV, computer is still the night scene lighting, street light, tunnel lamp LED light source can be seen. Night at the world expo in Shanghai stadium lighting and lighting planning LED as light source, LED light source for information. LED lighting in indoor illumination advance more agile.

The conversion efficiency of inc. of incandescent lamp transform power is only 5%. Now, LED lamp power transformation is commonly 25% ~ 40%, far higher than incandescent lamp power transformation. LED has been widely used in many places, rather than the traditional light source. Follow people enhanced understanding of energy saving and environmental protection, the government start constraints, the use of incandescent lamp, high energy consumption and pollution. Screening of incandescent lamp has become gradually. Eliminate the activities of the incandescent light bulb is all over the world, our country also carried out in mass. Our country gradually screening incandescent and accelerate the implementation of energy-saving lamps project & other; Is a concrete embodiment. ” Our country gradually screening of incandescent lamp, accelerate the implementation of energy-saving lamps project & other; Is a project for three years. Countries and reform commission ( 国家发改委) And the United Nations development program ( 联合国开发计划署) The state develops and changes commission ( 国家发改委) And the United Nations development program ( 联合国开发计划署) Joint implementation, to cut carbon emissions by using incandescent lamp. Lights each year about 4. 4 million tons.

CRIE mall guo-qing tang, general manager of thought in our country, from the change of the traditional lighting to LED lighting has been all over the world communicate. In march, a famous Japanese company to suspend the yield generally incandescent bulbs, and expand its LED lighting business. Guo-qing tang thought LED to LED lighting changes, benefit from the following aspects: one is the excellent environmental protection, the second is the high photosynthetic efficiency, the third is a good color, more comfortable and safe night day, the fourth is CO. The Lor, high color saturation is part of the city beautification no shortage; Fifth, flexibility is strong. A more humane, planning, and to enjoy the beauty of lighting has become a new focus.

note and face up to specification problem

from the most urgent and most influential industry start to carry out the specification, we will hurry to

product consistency, reliability, and emphatically color rendering.

indoor lighting is LED to carry out the most suitable store space in the future. LED lighting market at this stage, however, is not very mature, various manufacturers have different specifications, the domestic LED lighting specification has not been introduced, especially the application of LED lighting in indoor lighting. The requirement of LED light source is: high light power, low heat resistance, high color rendering, long life, low capital and integrated planning, etc. LED interior lighting of enterprise put forward the great battle.

Liang Bing said, the standardization of the product is very important, no specification career is an immature profession. It should be said that our specification set behind the products and market development, it is very sorry. In this regard, we should study in the United States and other countries advanced experience, from the industrial to the most urgent and serious, the influence of agile to formulate some helps industry to develop a specification or standard, make industry to enter. Companies can learn and refer to, rather than spend a lot of time, do not flash in your career requirements specification, not more. Do it right from the beginning is very good, very good. ” Personally, I think as substrate and extend specification is not very flash now, they may expires, they are drawn up. Should be clear that industrial what are the rules in the flash, for example, in the United States, the dynamic star specification about the development of LED lighting industry is important, therefore they agile organization a LED lighting specification. In this way, not big way in the product implementation, on government subsidies and support is closely related to the mall. We should seriously study and learn the good experience. ” Liang Bingwen advice.

in addition, still should focus on the product consistency, reliability, and color rendering. Liang Bing said, if the LED lighting is into the category of indoor lighting, consistency and reliability of the product and color show improvement measures such as demand, if the light bulb, it becomes & other; Lantern & throughout; 。 Color rendering index should be greater than 85, otherwise it is difficult to call high quality light source, cannot match the price.

appropriate transformation of the LED lighting system, fire

correct check LED the capital, set up suitable LED lighting lighting system.

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