LED lighting is worth looking forward to prospect of market

by:Sehon     2020-09-29

green lighting lighting industry has become a developing trend, the sunlight illumination of micro mercury energy-saving lamps and LED lighting products projects are meet the trend of the development of green lighting industry. Recently, the sun lighting board approval on the part of the change to raise funds investment project bill, the bill is meant to 2011 stock non-public offering investment gold project & one of the other; Micro mercury industrialization project of environmental protection energy-saving lamps & throughout; Part of the change & other; Annual output of 20 million ( Set) LED lighting products industrialization project & throughout; 。 The bill will be submitted to the shareholders meeting on Thursday. Released recently, the ministry of China gradually reduce fluorescent roadmap for mercury content in the draft, requirements gradually cut mercury levels, comprehensive selection of liquid mercury production process. Threshold increased energy-saving lamp industry, some small businesses due to the limited funds, technical strength, will be difficult to timely complete the conversion of liquid to solid mercury mercury process, fluorescent lamp production and future orders will be centered to the large factory with technology is relatively mature, industry concentration is expected to increase. Have market analysts believe that the sunshine lighting years ago began to solid mercury technology transformation, now already all achieve solid mercury process, long-term benefit from the industry standard changes brought by the industry concentration increased, the overall market share is expected to increase.

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