LED lighting manufacturers facing difficulties at present stage

by:Sehon     2020-09-26

due to the support of national policy, combined with the prospect of LED lighting, a good many LED lamp manufacturer, the LED lighting industry a good spring, but in the last year LED enterprises after a large number of failures, this year the situation is not optimistic, LED lighting industry is the road ahead is bumpy, so at this stage LED lights factory what are major difficulties faced by? Surveying of land science and technology to analyze:

a: consumers know about LED products don't

now in addition to the Japanese market, LED lights of the world's penetration is still very low, the domestic public understanding of the LED is strange, the most know LED LCD TV, but I don't know the LED light, can lighting, think the LED is a key part of the television. Currently available in the market, consumers' real recognition and trust of the public first-class brand, the entire industry to market a hope is always in the water of hotels, shopping malls and national compulsory bidding project. Because many consumers don't call, LED lamp enterprises compete for a small cake, being flushed, hit the wall, make ragged, but still the stomach is empty, only the consumers to deepen understanding of LED lighting, to open the market of LED lighting

2: dealers don't come strength

LED lighting market has been tepid, accustomed to watching the traditional channels of dealers to know how many LED lights major? Due to the narrow eyes and & other; What is not selling & throughout; The concept of traditional dealers to calculation of lamps and lanterns in their own interests, in the face of their main topic, such as the store operating costs dealers will focus time and energy to operate the traditional main products, after all, & other; Path dependence & throughout; Is very powerful, obviously, the dealers will not become real drivers LED lighting market, the market really get effective fast starts, the lack of long-term vision dealers must rush, and the future of the LED lighting market will make the mistake of traditional lighting industry, the industry will go into vicious competition and the status of the disorder.

LED lights business sales model has been too reliant on the traditional channel dealers, a stream of irreversible is quietly emerging powers of fresh forces hit, they are LED lighting distributor network. Give him after 70 after 80 as the main force, of course, there are 90, 60, even after 50, 70 after 80 after with modern business consciousness, thought no rules constraints, can build up a service-oriented sales teams, because customers also is given priority to with 70 after 80 after, have a common language, each other mutual understanding, communication is easy, at the same time for new products is easy to learn to understand, more support to energy conservation and environmental protection, these characteristics determine the leds online e-commerce will become a new mode, the LED sales give him will become common the main driver of LED lights.

3: relevant state LED bidding policy caused the unfair competition

in 2012, the central about three ministries jointly LED fiscal subsidy project bidding countries, a & other; Annual capacity in 200000 lamp & throughout; The door, immediately will most aspire to in the field to the enterprising emerging LED to the enterprise. LED as a new industry, the market capacity is so small, how company really have annual production capacity of 200000 LED tube lights? That did not support the traditional lighting enterprises and hit the emerging LED lights and company? Traditional lighting companies won the bid to enjoy the taxpayer subsidies, by the state to the pure market operation behavior emerging LED lights enterprise killed in the cradle.

4: when energy conservation and emissions reduction can truly implement?

the main advantage is energy-saving LED lights, and replace traditional lamps and lanterns of prime mover, but because the price is higher than traditional lamps and lanterns, let the consumer is a must to pay consumers are profitable, if calculated by using 24 hours a day, at present has reached the can let consumers willing to pay, such as underground parking lot in chengdu intelligent dimming LED fluorescent lamp, as well, but if only use 4 - every day Eight hours, it is hard for consumers to pay, because pay time too long, it is better to wait, wait for better LED lights out and buy. Such consumption group is the main force, or mandatory energy conservation and emissions reduction, or subsidies, either improve the electricity price, does not meet the above three, one of the LED lights market difficult to hot

if we know that LED lighting manufacturers facing so many problems, so only by manufacturer enterprise itself is impossible to solve the problem of the series, the state and government must act to enterprises with state and government policies, to make the improved rapidly with the development of LED lighting industry, so that we can usher in the spring of LED lighting

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