LED lighting manufacturers is introduced when buying LED lamps and lanterns should understand the conventional parameters

by:Sehon     2020-10-07

lighting lamps and lanterns is indispensable to every family, believe that we are more or less in life running across the market of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, for now, energy-saving lamps also slowly be replaced, and many countries have banned incandescent lamp produces and sells.

most families now have started to use LED lighting lamps and lanterns, so, LED lighting lamps and lanterns lighting products of vogue as new and fast exactly what are the parameters of the requirements we know before buying? Below small make up with we together to get to know!

average professionals need to understand the drivers of lamps and lanterns, shell, scale, luminous flux, a few meters of illumination, rated power, actual power, power factor, color rendering index, color temperature, environment temperature and light failure, etc. , these very professional parameters on the average household actually users don't need to know in detail, for some common and important parameters as long as we know it. LED lighting lamps and lanterns of common parameters are as follows:

a, the luminous flux LED lighting lamps and lanterns

luminous flux, luminous flux is we most often say that the LED lighting lamps and lanterns is a very important parameter, it refers to light the sum total of the amount of light emitted per second. Unit showed that the lumen ( Lm) , shows how much light illuminated, the more light the greater the number of lumens. :

the filler from the diagram, we can directly see the meaning of the luminous flux, user when buying product of lamps and lanterns, automatically ask merchants luminous flux of the lamps and lanterns is how much, because this is demand professional test results.

2, the color temperature of LED lighting lamps and lanterns

color temperature, color temperature is in fact a temperature, but in fact is the human eye to color sensory experience of a luminous object. Will distinguish, let's take a detailed example below in blackbody radiation, with different temperature, light color each are not identical, the blackbody presented by red and orange yellow one yellow and one white one mutation process of blue and white.

the light emitted by a light source color, looks like black body at a certain temperature under the emission of light color photograph at the same time, the temperature of the blackbody called the color temperature of light source. Also what is the color of the illuminant, we according to the colour of the distinction between the color temperature.

color temperature value with K showed that the light source color temperature is different for users, light color is different, the feeling is not the same: refer to the above color temperature contrast table will have a very intuitive feelings.

three, LED lighting lamps and lanterns of color rendering

actually is a more professional color parameters, the extent of the light source to the objects themselves colors is called color rendering, also is the degree of color vividly.

color rendering index of the unit is ( Ra) , the color value, its numerical near 100, best color. In general, the LED lighting lamps and lanterns color & gt; 80 can, if be the jewelry store using the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, color rendering index requirements for lamps and lanterns is higher, general & gt; 95, it can really restore the color and brightness of jewelry. A clear identification on the general lamps and lanterns, we just to look to the slightly when buy lamps and lanterns.

4, LED lighting lamps and lanterns of dazzle light

lamps and lanterns is dazzle light actually is a very important goal, vision has very high brightness of objects or strong brightness contrast, can form called visual discomfort glare, dazzling light is important factor affecting the quality of lighting. Dazzle light will form the human eyes uncomfortable, it actually can directly tested by lighting lamps and lanterns, if light attack obviously the splash screen ( The shaking) , that means there are certain dazzle light, LED lighting lamps and lanterns should consider to whether be worth buying at this time.

five, LED lighting lamps and lanterns of warranty time

when a lot of manufacturers are selling the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, now will say have a few years warranty period, the warranty period, if found the droop of lamps and lanterns, damage may not be bright, able to communicate directly with merchants to return. This actually every merchant's standard not unified, but the quality is very important for our users, so be sure to let they promise when buy warranty time and supply the basis, so that the problems in the future to avoid personal loss and trouble.

6, LED lighting lamps and lanterns of antistatic ability

in the process of using LED lighting lamps and lanterns, how many there are some security issues, LED lamps and lanterns of antistatic ability is strong, long life, so the price may be slightly higher, but is good for our personal and property safety. So it is certainly not neglect

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