Led lighting manufacturers supply led project-light lamp to prepare for what

by:Sehon     2020-10-15

LED project-light lamp in the existing social environment a temporary or more quickly, actually this kind of product can be basically satisfied with the actual needs of the different category, because the LED project-light lamp work outside for a long time, and so on the supply of supply LED project-light lamp manufacturers put forward higher requirements, after all, the surface of the long-term work outside the lamps and lanterns must also have more dust, and the dust will be added over time, and gradually increase, so will affect the whole project-light lamp light illumination degree, and when the project-light lamp meet more dust, need them with clean duster cloth to wipe clean, as long as it can bring us a better experience. On the supply of LED project-light lamp before all to pay more attention to what?

1) Supply before LED project-light lamp pay attention to is the power supply itself is communication, high-pressure power supply device, the device for all personnel best can be far away from these devices, and to leave only two at the scene, device back and forth for device, grounding and completes the whole LED project-light lamp, avoid using the members in the late time may show some trouble getting an electric shock.

2) LED project-light lamp power is relatively large, all device that personnel on down the line layout process, should be combined with the actual situation to select the most suitable for the power cord, and about the power supply can be categorized to supply best, the aim is to avoid to affect the normal use lights.

3) In supply LED project-light lamp device, basically also want to consider the whole cast installation position of the light, the must is meet is acceptable for light weight, his ability to accept the best can be in more than 10 times the weight of the project-light lamp, as long as it can ensure that time is very tighten, project-light lamp device and to avoid future appear some drops or unnecessary risks.

4) Supply LED project-light lamp, in the process of actual device temporary staff, best can select the right temperature, for now the working temperature of this product is basically control 25 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius below zero, we can not surely in very high temperature down of the device, otherwise will affect the normal use of the whole project-light lamp, currently in the device at the best can choose in the morning or afternoon, choose a special hot weather is not the time period for device.

5) If it is a regular supply of LED project-light lamp manufacturers will also tell our usual after the device is basically to do maintenance for the lamps and lanterns, like for the maintenance of a body, we can do once a year, or every once in a while just do once, in this way, gradually will allow you to find the whole LED project-light lamp process is a temporary problem in practical application, and then make the concept of replacement or repair.

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